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I was really nervous about the mouse controls because I wasn't too into them but they were highly requested, glad it worked out!!

This is our first time working together for a game, actually! DaisyOwl and I are working on different titles rn, which are on display on both of our twitter accounts.

We didn't put in on the LD page because submissions close 1 hour after it ends and we were four days late lol

I maek bideo game

Thank you for playing our game "Space Pile Simulator." We hope to see you make many more messes in our future releases.

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I'm not entirely sure what caused the bug in question, but it should be fixed now! I sent it to Kai to implement in the next patch, but here's the .cs file itself so you can start using it now, with a couple new features thrown in. Just replace the existing file with this one and you'll be good to go!

Edit: I didn't see there was a bug with Get Super Text mesh, here's that one too. Lemme know if you have any other issues for the Playmaker actions!