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UX Suggestion - Anchoring Description 'Edit Text Options' to the top

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UX Issue -  Un-Anchored 'Edit Text Options' 

 In the current build the 'edit text options' is not anchored

Figure 1.0 - Current UX when users Edit asset pack


UX Solution  - Anchored 'Edit Text Options' 

 Suggested User Experience In this demo, the 'edit text options' is anchored so that users can easily access these options while editing content

Figure 1.1 - Suggested UX when users Edit asset pack

  • Remove cumbersome UX to make editing description text a whole lot easier
  • UX consistency pass 


User Case Example 

 For the use case where users have a lot of Description text content, when users edit asset pack, editing the description text is a bit more cumbersome because the 'edit text options' header' scrolls off screen.

Figure 2.0 - Demo of editing text in the current version





It's already supposed to do that! What browser do you use? (Should work in chrome and firefox)

I stand corrected .. Hmm strange. I had made this demo and during that time my browser didn't have this feature enabled. [Chrome Version 72.0.3626.121 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Well, I'm super glad this has been integrated! Thanks a ton for always improving the UX of