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Scrapper C# SDL - failed

A topic by TheBroomInstitute created Mar 02, 2019 Views: 185 Replies: 11
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Scrapper is a space-based roguelike. 

You are Moop; Moop is Bear; Moop have "junk ship".

Moop's junkship can detach junk from space wrecks and up to 8 objects will orbit his ship, rotating anticlockwise one cell per turn. Junk can be fired at enemies or it can block shots from enemies. One time powerups and items that give permanent boosts are treated just like the rest of the junk Moop has collected.

Each level has dead spaceships, strange micro nebulae, enemies and surprises.

The game will be written in C# and will use the SDL library. The sprites will be the familiar lovable shitty 16x16 sprites that are one of the hallmarks of The Broom Institute.


Sounds like a very tactical game. Post some screenshots when you can. 😁

Seconded! I'd like to see some screens.  I'm always down for a scifi setting


Sounds... outta this world!


Work is going slowly but here are some mockups/graphics tests:

moop ship and a space hulk full of junk ready for the taking:

14 different kinds of nebula, random effects per game (like potions) when you go in them. Suitable for the colour blind.

moop ship on left near black hole. on other side of laser barrier is level transition gate, key for gate and space station.

And yes, the laser barriers do look like metal dongs.


enemy ships

I love it! I really want to play this one.

the stuff that can surround your ship.

I failed. I didn't even start coding, just made the sprites and designed the game with pen and paper.

awwwwww. design and sprites look good though :)

I'll make it soon. Or maybe I won't be motivated. By planning the design so well it feels like I already wrote it. It's a bit like when people tell other people their great idea for a book then never write it.