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Semblance: mould a playdough world

A topic by Benjamming created Sep 10, 2016 Views: 238 Replies: 3
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Semblance is a platformer where you deform a playdough world, and mould your character in order to solve puzzles.

On a planet where everything is soft and bouncy, an unwelcome invader appears, bringing with it hard and unmoving material.

You are Squish, a being made out of the very material of the world - willed into existence to protect the world from the unwelcome visitors.


We're implementing the above art into the game now, but here are some gameplay gifs to show how it all works (with placeholder art).

Character Deforming:

World Deforming

We'll upload a build real soon!


We're a little South African/Kenyan studio making our first game after we graduated from university.Follow us on Twitter or Facebook if you're into that.

Feedback is always welcome <3

This looks interesting, is all of the terrain deformable?


Most of it is! There are a couple different types of terrain: soft, hard, and non-reactive.

Soft is the most common and can be deformed, hard is frequent and you can use it to change your character's shape, non-reactive is rare and can't be deformed or change the character's shape :)

Update 1

We've been working on a bunch of stuff this week, redesigning a few of the levels and putting in an overworld system.

The programmer has been working on the character quite a bit.

He redid the system for procedural animation so it's easier to add animations:

He also started work on making sure the character shape follows the contour of the ground. This is early days though.

The artist started playing around with ideas for levels at nighttime too.

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