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How to collaborate without VCS?

A topic by zencd created Feb 11, 2019 Views: 80 Replies: 1
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Is there a good way to work on a novel collectively without knowledge of Version Control Systems?

The novel is gonna be written in RenPy and I'm afraid of conflicts in plain text files (unlike images and sounds).

I personally know git/etc, but my colleagues don't. I thought the Dropbox's Shared Folders might suit our needs well, but I can easily imagine editing conflicts (gonna be a horror). Maybe something like Google Docs' instant editing is possible for local plain files? Just an idea... Also, all files must be accessible locally.

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There are graphical front-ends for version control systems. There are version control systems much easier to use than Git (try Bazaar). There are services like GitLab, where you can also edit/upload files through a web browser.

Or you could use a strict editorial workflow. In other words, do it slowly and painfully. Ask your colleagues what they prefer.