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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

[Bug] Can't complete Yris' questline if Ayda is recruited.

A topic by marrowgar created 19 days ago Views: 198 Replies: 3
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Unsure if this is an intentional and unfortunate 'softlock' or an unforeseen circumstance since Ayda became recruitable, but if you have recruited Ayda you cannot talk to her or her assistant to forward Yris' questline (at the part where you need her to advise you before taking the 1000g bet).

I'm on the most recent Win64 version and I'm currently in post-story but I doubt this is a platform specific issue or a story/post-story one either.

Found a sorta backdoor solution: If you don't wanna reload a save or something you can use a save editor and CTRL-F 'Yris', which will bring you to her questline value saved as a number (in this case it should be 4). Replace the 4 with a 5 to skip the talking to Ayda step and simply continue down the intended path.

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Hello, I know this is quite unrelated anhd doesnt answer your question but it caught my interest about what you said about a recuited Ayda. First of all, I assume  by Ayda you mean Adya the dark elf alchemist in Gorn and secondly how did you recruited her because I dont know nor did i read anything about that  she can be recruited?

since one or two versions ago she became recruitable after you save her.

in OP case, he is talking of the bug:

to recruit Iris, he needs to talk with Ayda to get a cheat potion, but if you have recruited her, there is no one to talk with and you cant pass Iris chalenge without the potion. So it becomes impossible to recruit her.

I think  she goes back to Gorn after you recruit Melissa or kill her brother, so it should still be possible to recruit Iris after finishing main quest.

To fix it, dev may allow to talk to Ayda inside the mansion or let her assistant handle it in gorn.