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King under the Mountain

A simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology

Year 4+ falls apart.

A topic by Rhombus created Jan 31, 2019 Views: 521 Replies: 8
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No problems setting up the initial base, food supply, etc...  I survive the initial winter with tons of food to spare.

As I increase the number of bedrooms, water barrels, kitchen areas, farm land, etc... porportional to growth once I hit a certain population level people start to go insane, die of dehydration despite 5 or more full water barrels in the base and so on.  

Unless each additional dwarf means I need more food and water per dwarf I'm not running out of supplies something else is happening.

The first wave of new dwarves was no problem, I still had plenty to spare and I continued to build more in preparation for the next wave.

I prebuilt everything for the next wave but things fell apart after the next wave appeared.

The problem looks like scaling issues.

It's the third wave of people or year 4 or 5 where you start getting so and so died of starvation with 50 rations in their inventory.

Variant Scaling Issue Example -  I had a giant cave open at the start in my game. I turned the entire thing into a Mushroom farm because I'm not aware of any reason not to.

I built 4 shock tanks and placed 50 mushroom logs. (This only used about 20% of the farm's space)  

Of the 50 logs, 19 were used. 31 spots are waiting. They have been allocated but the Dwarves never get around to it.  Seasons passed and they never got around to it.  

My farm fields are constantly being planted or harvested season after season, so I have farmers. At least 5 that I count

I have logs scattered around my wood cutting benches that aren't in use, so resources exist and trees have been cut down.

I checked and I have 5+ carpenters and 5+ woocutters.  Plenty of trees and logs.


The new build that's out tones down the immigration a bit as well as hopefully helping with drinking when there's a large population - they now share out multiple water barrels rather than all trying to go to the same one and finding it empty. So hopefully that sorts it for you, as I've seen another save that was working fine with a population of 300.

Glad to hear that. I'm sure it will be better when more pieces are complete and you have had a time to balance.


Thanks, yes its far from perfect right now and I can only put very quick fixes in this week, over time I'll be improving it for sure :)

You said you toned it down, so I wonder how much immigration there was before.

The first groups were pretty manageable: 4 Dwarfs, then 11 and then 18. But the 2 next ones were huge: 41 Dwarfs followed by 37 Dwarfs the year after.

While I'm nowhere near having any supply problems (apart from constantly having to build more stockpiles, especially for tools, seeds, and foods), I can't keep up building bedrooms, especially since all wood was pretty far away, so getting enough wood for all these beds is pretty difficult.

Also, why can beds only be made of wood? And pillars not out of metal?


I think I'll put an extra cap on immigration of some percentage of the settlement population so it doesn't balloon up in size too quickly.

Even dwarves need some comfort and will only sleep on wooden beds! Metal pillars are an option although I'm moving away from metallic furniture unless it's going to be built out of pre-crafted components. Just hammering a bunch of ingots into a piece of furniture doesn't feel right. The next content update will include metal plates as an intermediate product required to build some kinds of metal furniture.

Great, thanks for the heads up!

Continuing with my village (and getting 41 Dwarfs again), I ran into another problem: My Dwarfs seemed to stopped refilling the barrels with water, and as a result everyone goes to the increasingly further away river to drink. I increased the amount of chefs to make sure they can refill them, but id doesn't do much yet. I guess a lack of buckets could be the reason.

I know that being able to tell the carpenter what to do is on the list of things soon to be included, so I think that will be solved soon. Just wanted to give you the heads up.


Thanks, I have a save from someone else where there's an issue with barrels being refilled (or not in this case) so there's probably something to fix there which I'm looking at next as top priority.

I think I'll have to bring forward the priority on letting the player choose what's crafted too!

I'm struggling with keeping the Dwarves from breaking. Once they break they don't eat or drink, so will die no matter what.

Are yours breaking before they refuse to eat/drink?