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King under the Mountain

A simulation-based settlement-building strategy game set in a fantasy world · By Rocket Jump Technology


A topic by Rhombus created Jan 31, 2019 Views: 283 Replies: 7
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1. I don't seem to be able to select Dwarves when they are sleeping in a bed. I can select the bed, and the ground, the bedroom, but not the Dwarf.  That wouldn't be an issue if I had another screen or interface to adjust professions.

2. I don't have a unified way of seeing what professions I've given my Dwarves.  It would be nice to make sure I don't have 5 Blacksmiths and 0 Carpenters without checking each Dwarf by hand.

3. Is the order of profession important?  If I make someone Miner, Farmer, Blacksmith do I need to watch that they only mine if possible and Blacksmith as a last ditch thing? Whatever the answer, the answer should be on a tooltip or the profession screen or something like that.

4. I had new Dwarves join. Yay! The screen showing them is fine but pausing the game and letting me potentially adjust the professions or something would be nice.  This made the other issues even more noticeable. 

5. Can I refuse or cast out a Dwarf?  No reason to right now, but if food was scarse and someone showed up with a negative trait or just duplicate professions I might want to stop them at the gates. 

Notifactions about a trapped Dwarf would be useful as well. I had a Dwarf die of dehydration because I wasn't aware they were trapped until I got the death notification. 


Yep most of this is crying out for a screen to view and manage your current population of dwarves which is going to get pushed up the roadmap priority list now. Similarly with tooltips to explain a lot of game functions. And I'm sure there'll be some imaginative ways to get rid of dwarves you don't like once traps and mechanisms are implemented :)

I'm having Dwarves die of starvation at the serving table.  The serving table has food on it.  More than 10 wheat loaves. 

I'm having Dwarves die of starvation in the pantry.  I'm having Dwarves die of Dehydration and/or starvation next to or at the feasting table.

Multiple water barrels in the area that have water in them.  The pantry has food. Multiple cauldrons have food in them.   Yet Dwarves die. 

Everything is being accessed by some dwarves but others are dying.  I'm having trouble finding a cause.


Are you on the latest version (Alpha 1.12)? There was a bug with the assignment of bread from serving tables in an earlier build.


Or are they broken due to unhappiness? Broken dwarves don't eat or drink.


They always break first. We don't appear to have enough available to prevent that.

They have spacious private rooms and good food being cooked.  Those are some of the only positive modifiers I've been able to generate.

Once the first Dwarf dies things spiral down quickly because good food + spacious private room is about +25 or +30 and seeing a dead body is -50 and carrying a dead body to the graveyard or tomb of the fallen is -55.

yes, I'm running Alpha 1.12.