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New character look

A topic by Hinotoriflame created Jan 20, 2019 Views: 556 Replies: 4
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I apologize because I know this is really negative. Just came in to check the status of this game, But his new look is a lot less attractive.  I was excited for this one, but I think I'll pass.

Yes.I agree with that completely. Arts on postcards is sooo much better.

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In a June '18 update on indiegogo, I read this, 

"In other news, we'll be working on a second sprite set that matches the game's CG style. Players who prefer the original set will still be able to use it, however. "

If this is still a thing, I'm assuming the new sprite set is ust to keep continuity between the sprites in-game and the CGs :)


Thanks for info

A recent-ish update scrolling through the list mentioned it'll be free DLC when the game is out to save those who don't want to sue them a little hardware space, so available for those who do, but with none of the bloat.