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 tutorial: 1) start promising project 2) got money from ppl who liked this (for future of the project)! 3) drop the work 4) you are amazing!

Thanks for info

Yes.I agree with that completely. Arts on postcards is sooo much better.

There is only one excuse: she is insane and locked up in a psychiatric clinic without the Internet. in another case, it looks like a deception and shitty attitude towards people. even if she is depressed, she should give an explanation for the people who gave her money and supported the project.

if game will be released in this life: I just  think man with black hair(forgot his name already))looked DEFINITELY better BEFORE redraw. His face is more beautiful.His figure proportions is right.Please ..just think again and leave him be as he is.

looks like it’s dead.sad.

and again,nothing for months.

News about release date?
How much does it cost?