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Please just take a good rest. Don't push yourself into working beyond your limits.

He is also my first desire in the game :)  It's  destiny ;) I will wait patiently for his route  :)

Serene x her hasubando #1

 It is really a great game😆

How about merman desire ? :3

I hope we'll be able to rise desires ' affection/happiness with some special "cheat" command. 

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Can you tell when is the next game update?🙂

Enjoyed the update, thank you! :) I am ready for the next one  xD This game is addicting somehow )

aww no romantic route for Lynn :( He is so beautiful😩

Threesome is good but only if mc is an object of all attention, because cuckolding isn't funny, honestly. unpleasant thing..

can you tell what is ‘side stories’ exactly? it’s like ‘player’ can choose role of another girl. or its like read ‘about’ two characters  as a 3’d person.this is strange to see characters who mc can romance with another girls, what is the point...

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hah I like Demian and Chris the most. They are not romanceable, how sad. I hope at least they are straight :)

 tutorial: 1) start promising project 2) got money from ppl who liked this (for future of the project)! 3) drop the work 4) you are amazing!

Thanks for info

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Yes.I agree with that completely. Arts on postcards are sooo much better.

if game will be released in this life: I just  think man with black hair(forgot his name already))looked DEFINITELY better BEFORE redraw. His face is more beautiful.His figure proportions is right.Please ..just think again and leave him be as he is.

looks like it’s dead.sad.

and again,nothing for months.