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I love these characters so much.<3

Loving this so far!<3 Ignatius is baby. 

Also, how do  you rewind? Hehe

Hello! I'm enjoying the DLC so far<3
One thing I ran in to, not sure if it has been reported, nearthe beginning,when aya threatens Bash AFTER the... pink...  Bash's uniform temporarily shifts to normal colors :p

For some reason, my 18+ patch isnt working with the update. I tried reinstalling the patch, but it didn't work. (Also my sswak file still says 1.2, but has all the updates so I think im putting it in the right folder?) I love the MC personality choices<3

Lol, maybe a bug? In Prince BF's route, when fixing the pipe he randomly... gets naked. As soon as his Oogle speel starts. At first I was thinking... maybe his clothes got wet and I somehow skimmed over it, or MC will turn around or smth? But I didn't see a mention of it... I don't mind too much, however ;p

I'm so. excited.

I played Fran Bow multiple times, and as soon as the trailer for Little Misfortune released I was on board!<3

Thank you for all your hard work!!!~ <3

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In a June '18 update on indiegogo, I read this, 

"In other news, we'll be working on a second sprite set that matches the game's CG style. Players who prefer the original set will still be able to use it, however. "

If this is still a thing, I'm assuming the new sprite set is ust to keep continuity between the sprites in-game and the CGs :)

Beautiful game. The art is incredible, with beautiful, detailed backgrounds. Took me about ~6 hours to get both good endings. The stories were intriguing, and the worldbuilding was very well done. Love the universe alltogether! Very satisfied, would buy again.  <3

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It did reset it, but the bug repeated itself, lol.  I did a screen recording to show you what I mean, since it seems tough to replicate :)

(I put it on dropbox, hopefully you can view it)

EDIT: Once I set my text skipping to "seen" I can adjust the bars!

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Congrats on the release, really enjoying it so far!!! Might have to do some congratulatory fan art<3

I've run into a few minor bugs, nothing game-breaking as of yet, but i'll report them here if i see any more :)

-Cat in hotel reappears, EX: Click on cat > leave hotel lobby > go back to hotel lobby > cat is there again.

-When I tried to change the text speed, I clicked on the slider and it jumped to the lowest setting and is stuck there, so my text is very slow. (I've been double clicking through it though, lol)

Make sure you use the password released on Patreon in the settings under "gift"

Detailed instructions are in the Patreon welcome post, be sure to read thoroughly  :)