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Congrats on the release, really enjoying it so far!!! Might have to do some congratulatory fan art<3

I've run into a few minor bugs, nothing game-breaking as of yet, but i'll report them here if i see any more :)

-Cat in hotel reappears, EX: Click on cat > leave hotel lobby > go back to hotel lobby > cat is there again.

-When I tried to change the text speed, I clicked on the slider and it jumped to the lowest setting and is stuck there, so my text is very slow. (I've been double clicking through it though, lol)

Thank you for this reports! I will search through the code some more. 
The is should be zero game breaking bugs but might be some minor. Like cat. You can click it again and see the funny cat picture one more time :3

The text speed I wasn't able to replicate it yet. I will ask my programmer to look at it. Btw you can puch 'Space' instead of clicks.

Also to fix the text speed try to go to game directory in a "Love ritual" folder and find 

.vndata files delete settings.vndata to reset your settings like skip \ text speed \music etc.

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It did reset it, but the bug repeated itself, lol.  I did a screen recording to show you what I mean, since it seems tough to replicate :)

(I put it on dropbox, hopefully you can view it)

EDIT: Once I set my text skipping to "seen" I can adjust the bars!

Thank you! Well fix it at some point :)