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Ahh I'm glad you found such a good solution. Won't you mind if I add this solution to the game description?

Glad you like it! 
Aila made us this wonderful music. You can hear and download it here

Hello please check if your PC meet minimal requirements. This game use animation and more demanding than most visual novels.

ОS: Windows 8/10 
Proc: Intel Core 2Duo @ 2.13GHz
Memory: 4 GB 
Video: Intel HD Graphics, NVIDIA 600 Series, AMD 7000 Series
Disc space: 1000 MB

If possible install the game on different computer. Please make sure the drivers are updated to the latest version and you use at leas 10 or 11 DirectX

Sorry, I can't check the problem because we got no one with the Catalina, no friends or team members. We only tested the build on High Sierra and it was working. I can guess that perhaps somewhere there is checkbox or anything that prevent you from running the game.

We can't update our only Mac up to Catalina because it's too old. So there is no way except for googling the issue or returning the funds. 

I apologize again o(╥﹏╥)o

Thank you a lot! I hope our next game will be even better!

Thanks a lot! I'm sorry for the late reply, try to move game folder to your "Application" folder pls.

Can you tell me your version of Mac OS?

I'm using the High Sierra and everything is fine for me.

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Good day!
Are you launching the "GAME" file from the game folder?
If so, can you please go to "System Preferences - Security&Privacy" and check if in the "Allows apps downloaded from" category "Appstore and identified developers" is selected. 

Please contact me if this does not help.

Thank you :3

Thank you! The sale will be for 7 days from 19.

Awww :3 thank you a lot!

I'm sorry it's really hard to understand what cause such a bug. We still don't have a clue what it might be. Some computers just don't want to play our game well. I hope you will be able to refund the game. Please do so, don't torture yourself. There are plenty of let's play videos on YouTube  you can watch :)
For the next game we bought another engine. Stable and with great support with a big portfolio. I hope our next game will be much more stable. 

Hello! Thank you for the constructive feedback! Yes, some people liked the plot and some did not understood what's going on and some disliked the plot. Our guess - we didn't had enough time to flesh out all the ideas more closely.

We will try to evade this failure in the next game.

Hmm that's something new. Could you please tell us if your Windows 64 or 32? Can you please update your drivers, Java\DirectX\Graphical drivers.
Please write us if anything will help.

Hello! Yes there are on Steam and last ritual walk through here on Itch. 

Hey~ It's never too late for the the kind words and videos :3 I love your voice! 
Oh yes I'm planning to update my social media and introduce new project soon!

Sadly, We can't disable the animation. If we do this, the characters will be emotionless one pose poker face static sprites and this will add bugs and crashes because engine will search for animation files. Disabling animation - mean we will need to create the game one more time + drawing all the emotions and poses + alter all the backgrounds.
I suggest you to watch YouTube series by marvelous Aromie with the game "let's play" 

Great thank you for the kind words! Our narrator got inspired with your words and run to script a new plot twists for our next game. I thank you for that :3

Hello! We are greatly sorry but this issue happens on Win 7. We were trying to fix this for a month but it seems it's beyond our humble capabilities. You can try to skip this particular moment or refund the game and try to play on YouTube.
Sorry again. T_T

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Hello! Seems like not enough ram memory. I suggest closing all the applications except windows/MacOS and run the game only. If you use windows 7 than I suggest run the game on another PC with win 8 or higher. Also there are might be another pc problems. May be cleaning pc or antivirus programs will help to solve the problem. 

I wish you best of luck! If anything will help please tell me, if nothing will help also please tell me, and we will try to find the solution.

Hello! No you can’t. Perhaps in future games I will add this feature.

Yes all the game options and functions can be found on message box right side diamonds. But if you want to use the keyboard we got this:

Space - next message

H - hide/show interface
Ctrl - skip text
Backspace - backlog
Esc - exit to desktop 

Hello! I'm waiting for my programmer to fix few last issues that appears sometimes and wanted to add the MacOS version along with the fixes. But he got stuck with the exams. I hope soon he will be back with the fresh fixes.

Thank you for the kind words! The team was working really hard to make it :3

No. I thought it will be on download page. If not I should send steam keys then :)

It should be on the page where you can download the game. Where you bought it. I'm not sure myself :D

But If you won't find it I will give you extra key for Steam.

Thank you for the kind words :3

Hello, the game was released on Steam if this what you asking for :)

Steam release is here so you can start streaming! :3

Hey hey. I was able to fix it few days ago. I will upload updated version with the fix here 10 April with Steam release.Thank you for the report! More report - more fixes!

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Hello! Thank you for being interested in the game and for contacting me.

First I want to ask you if you want to translate the demo or the full game? Let's continue on discord Xand#1063

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Thank you for the kind words! Please wait with stream until the Steam release and after this feel free to stream it!  You also might want to wait for English text fixes and upload a fixed version here.  I will be glad if you won’t spoil the full game in a first week of steam release :3

Hello! Yes the dead end means you solved the last ritual wrong. Try to load game and choose different options. Read the text carefully.

If nothing help here is walkthrough:

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Thank you :3 
 I made a walkthrough for you

Thank you for reporting this bug! I appreciate it a lot.

I'm able to replicate the issue. The weird thing if you load from the autosave before the second inspectiong scene this moment got broken. If you load from any other sava game it's working. 
I suggest you to load the different save game and try again.
I will search for the problem causing this.

It might be chanse that you download the game just the moment I updated the files today. Please delete the game completely include early  downloaded files and download new version. Start a new game.

Is it happens at the start of the game? When Riilai just arriwe to the city and first time goes to hotel?

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Are you plaing the Demo or full game? What is your PC specs? Do you have 4GB ram?