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Thank you, same for you, too and yeah I've def been keeping the fluids up and am close to 100% again, more so my carpal tunnel is acting up but I overdid it drawing wise and thus am taking a couple week break from it. My dad got the sickness last of us all, but he's also semi to mostly better now.Keep your health up and stay safe, too, 'kay? :3

I'm having a better week now than before's. Last week was when I got sick from whatever my 6 yo got and welp, I wasn't able to eat for 3 days pretty much and barely after that.

If you ever want, my own tastes tend towards well otome on here but I still know some pretty deep ones, and also some great slightly otome leaning but still horror visual novels on here. There're so many good ones, and a mix of romance and mystery and just good gimmicks and stories. itch is freakin' great.

No problem. If you ever want a detailed list of like, typos and the like I find just let me know. I wont be able to like find everything but I can note down the ones I do notice for you guys.

Another bug is on Base Boyfriend route if you choose he went to the Observatory, it errors and none of the images of him show up for that whole scene.

Oof, I know how that period thing goes, and the fact that you can work so well with them is amazing/nice. You are awesome, and I hope you feel better soon. o3o

Yes! Joyce, male or female is just the sweetest lil bean. I'm so glad Joyce is on the top. Such a cutie. >w<

Not played yet but I wanted to say I saw the image off to the side and I was all "I know that style!" and it's super pretty!I'm sorry you lost your story/coping mechanism, and I hope you can at least over time lovingly make yourself a new one, or do what you can to recreate it. I know how much it sucks to have those kinda things get destroyed, lost, or go poof. :c

A recent-ish update scrolling through the list mentioned it'll be free DLC when the game is out to save those who don't want to sue them a little hardware space, so available for those who do, but with none of the bloat.

Yaaaay! Also, do you like them back? :3

We still have a couple months til it gets super bad but supposedly tomorrow is gonna hit 80F already. ;A;

Yeah, the only reason we fixed this one up is it is an old 1978 GMC VanDura, and my dad adores it/it's his 'baby' basically, even though it's just a big old powder blue van. But you can't really find them anymore, at least not like how he likes/in good condition.
Also I live in a legit desert in the USA(Nevada) so I definitely keep up on my fluids as much as possible, our summer is coming up and they can get up to 115F/46C in the worst of it. So that's within a few months of now. ;A Some days I may not be hungry from the heat, but I always always drink a lot because yeah. No. Nevada desert heat. x.x

Oh man the updated pic/shine and polish you're doing to the game looks wonderful so far. :D Stuff has been tough here(like between breaks giving out and transmission needing to put over $3k on a credit card for car repairs, augh). Hopefully though it'll be who knows when down the line I'll try to find a way to donate/help out for you. ;A;
Also, take care of yourself, too! Esp with the season/weather changes and stuff. Keep up your fluids and don't overwork yourself too much, esp for our sakes. I know I'd rather you stay healthy. :3

I think the bittersweetness of Fritz's is good as a second to last, personally. Because it is more sad than the others in a lot of ways, so it's a good breath of air/tone break before having another tense, but somewhat happier ended route, of Waltz' after.

In some ways I am glad Sweet Fuse is calmer than your dream. It's definitely tamer than any fo the Nonary Games stuff, too, at least. xD
Also yeah the cough sucks. It really is just mostly itchy, which definitely annoyed my 3 year old. He loves responses when he talks and talking makes it itchy so I'd not always respond to him. xD
I am REALLY glad you're feeling a lot better, though. Being sick sucks horribly.

Don't push yourself, rest til you feel better. I think there is just stuff going around because I've been sick close to a week myself with tiredness, hot to cold and a bad cough, too, so it's not just you. Relax or it'll keep you sick longer.
So rest, relax as much as you can, drink stuff that is soft/healing on your throat for the cough part, an try to get your health back up... because I learned the hard way what happens when you overdo it yesterday(my cough was almost gone and now it's back. blah).
Also, although he wasn't a serial killer, your dream reminds me of an otome called Sweet Fuse. xD You are stuck playing death games with 6 hot guys on your team to try to save an amusement park your uncle made, but the villain had corrupted/changed and took your uncle/others hostage. It also involves a lot of bombs. 

Awwwh thank you! Though I don't feel like I've done much, just told you the truth. Like... your stuff is great and you're great.

Of course it is, your stuff is nice and your art is unique/pretty. :3

It's looking super gorgeous! It's so cool to see your art improve and be able to be along for the process of this game, especially since I missed that with the first.Thank you for all that you do for us, and everything.

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Depending a klutzy moment can make something go from serious to more lighthearted, it just depends on who is involved. But like, normally things I know that're good at that are something funny klutzy, or like, argument wise when one just tries to look tough/glare and ends up puffing out their cheeks and they look ridiculous, but they're trying to look grumpy tough(like my 3 yo he does that and it can make something go from tantrum to me busting out laughing at him... similar happened but w/o the pout when I argued w/ my mom as a teen once, we were amping up mad and insulting each other ad then glaring and BAM all of a sudden burst out laughing at how ridiculous we were being).

So if it's something like that maybe something similar, but more fitting for what the situation is? Or like, if not like that maybe something rustling in the bushes, freaking someone out and then it comes out and it's something cute and/or harmless? It just totally depends on the situation, but if you ever need someone to bounce ideas off of... I'm around.

Also if you want to read something that can go from intense to hilarious in a few seconds flat... read the comic/manga(though not Japanese I know the original novels were Taiwanese), 1/2 Prince. It's a mix of future and fantasy but it just gets great:

Bermuda and Nusantara. I have a group(sadly not an actual like FB page group) of otome game playing people I talk with. Nusantara, Cinderella Phenomenon,  and like Halloween/Valentine Otome're and some others're the more often ones I mention/try to get my friends in to playing.

Even if you don't meet your quota, real life happens, we do understand.I will admit I am excited as all heck for this game though. IDK how many played it after, but I talk up this game to all my friends who like/play otome. :3

No problem! I was checking the temp here because I woke up and it was like 10 degrees cooler inside than normal and saw it on the main page for the website and was all "Crap, is she okay?" was the first thought. I really am so glad you're okay. Hopefully everyone you know and your friends/their families are safe/okay too.

Since I don't know which part of Indonesia you are in, I heard there was a tsunami. Were you near it? Are you okay? Are you safe?

Don't speed up/rush yourself. Take your time so it's not as mentally taxing/wearing you down especially this time of year.
We'll still be here and support you. Heck, the Cinderella Phenomenon tumblr hasn't updated in over 2 months, maybe close to 3 and I know times're tight on them right now. Life happens and health over us enjoying a game early, any day.

Sorry me replaying the game before I review(I wanna refresh it all in my mind) is super slow going. Holidays/doc appointments for my eldest and just both kiddos have been extra demanding recently.But I finished Mitra again yesterday and am almost done with Reksa's path. (What can I say I love Rama's bad end so I am saving him for last even though I like Reksa a whole lot good end wise, too, what can I say delicious bad ends call to me).

Nah I think GGG'll end up playing it at least some point down the line. I'd already suggested/told her about it and a few other great games a while back, so it being on her radar, and way easier to access on Steam, it'll probably draw her in at some point at least.

Thanks! I got it. Also when it's out I will SO be linking it/praising it to all my friends, and let the youtuber than does a lot of otome VNs and stuff/voices for each character when they're unvoiced(GirlGotGame) about it when it's up on Steam. :D

Oops, I totally spaced on that, I'm sorry! xD
But it's
Rumiel was an arctic fox character of mine for a g roup thing as a teen, and welp. It stuck.

I already beat it on the itch version, but I'd gladly take a Steam key and rebeat it all and help with the Steam stats/whatever you need. :D

Dumb question on the Kickstarter, if you do the $20 pledge, it says Est delivery Oct next year, but would that include the Steam key for XOXO extended, or do people get that part earlier? (Trying to decide if I am patient enough if it is later or just buy the XOXO Extended now, or if it's an earlier/easier to wait for thing, basically. xD)

Same. Bad ends when done right are amazing. (Like a certain at breaking point wingy boi from the last game. Whoo boy I loved that bad end.)

Yesss! I love good bad ends. Especially like in Winged Ones where it continues on and you see the guy's and others reactions to the MC's death. So hopefully some'll be like that and even if not... Well you write amazing bad ends.
Also, when things calm down here a bit I am so gonna ask the hubs if I can help support you on either Patreon or just a tip through paypal or something. I adore your stuff, and don't want you struggling or anything or pushing yourself too hard for all of our sakes. o3o

Antagonist route? <3 Oh heck yes.
Also don't worry I think most of us are totally fine with waiting. You're not all super silent or dead for months on end like some others seem to get, too, which I do think helps it out and help with people's fears.

It's okay, I have kids even I know how to be patient when need be. :P I've just been fiddling around in the original and in this one, and thank you so much for sticking with this and creating such a wonderful world for us all to enjoy.Also don't feel stressed/rushed on it, I think most of us understand that it takes so much time and effort and heart and soul to put in to this. Your work is great, so waiting isn't a problem at all. :3

I really am glad you're still working on this. I adored your other Nusantara game, and wasl eft wanting more, so a game in the same universe is great(plus I agree on the Dio bit, Dio is interesting), but instead of Arya, whom would normally be my type, Guntur was already warming his way in to my heart.