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I bought it on Switch yesterday and I love the game so much! But just so you know the Switch version has some pretty gnarly load times, like in some scene changes or loading a save I've had 22-30 second load times.

Nothing wrong with that, just sorry on all the extra stress and that stuff's going rough again. I hope you and your loved ones all stay very safe and healthy. *hugs*

Rama's, too. I love the really dark bad ends. They're some of my favs in otome. <3

I also agree overall w/ Chelsea, I prefer a fully done game, enjoyment wise, vs the episodic type, and I avoided Mystic Destinies initially(before I found out more on the dev and such to solidify it) because being newer to otome when I saw it I was confused by it's pricing and avoided it completely because of said confusion on what I needed to buy for what.
Episodic is less problematic/confusing in that way, but it's probably harder to do in an actual monetized way because you want people to get it, but if you have an upfront price for an unfinished project it can make people more wary of paying, and if you put enough out before adding a price it can also cause a bit of a stink(whether justified or not). Though I know even on tipped/PWYW stuff I try to put in what I can, because people work hard, but I know not everyone is like that.
If anything I say see what you feel most comfortable with, and you can always try it and if it doesn't work out in a way you want try a different way next time.
I'd also say DON'T be afraid to edit a game after on the routes, even big name games modify/patch/rework games. So if you feel an older part needs an update/upgrade... Do it. I think itch lets you right? It happens and shouldn't be vilified for wanting to improve your own work, and if it's a big enough change maybe keep up both versions? IDK. But it's your future games so it's utterly up to you! I'm just here for the ride. :D <3

Is it bad I actually sort of like that? It's fun to see what my choices stumble in to instead of it being more projected.

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I've just started this, finally, but am loving it. I did want to let you guys know on the well, Noah close up/reflecting bullets thing, though...?
You gave him 2 left hands. >w>Still, loving this so far, the VAing is pretty great overall, esp for an indie but even if not it's good. <3 I am loving it.
*ETA* Well 100%ed it and I squealed a few times when I'd called/realized stuff. Also went past the 3 endings to.. y'know.
I like it, I sip it. xD But nah, it's great and everyone rocked.
Mad props to you all on creating this!

If they update the Devlog/do a new post it shows updated on the count/page, too. So I am guessing it was that.

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Oh cool! I was legit JUST looking at this the other day, hoping it was still going well. Also, oooh, hidden bad end~ owo

I know this was months back but I am still so excited for whenever this gets done and I can buy it. :D

...RIP? ;m;

It's fineeee. Let yourself be the random giddy bits and the emotional rollercoaster. It's fun. :D Stay safe, be healthy and yay! <3

I'm sorry you're sick, and it's okay to take it light(and heck even be in the opposite mood of the bad ends, lol).
But YAY! I am so SO happy for you! :D Congrats on the proposal/engagement(if you said yes which being so happy you prolly did). xD I am so freakin' happy for you. :D

Holy fricken heck your art is absolutely gorgeous. <3
And nuh your sketch is good but your final is still absolutely gorgeous too.

...Nah I'd rather it be done when it's ready and not push the creators and have a lesser product for it.

It's done, and costs, on Steam.

I am, recovering from a hernia surgery so I'm being forced to not exert myself. xD

So excited for all of this! And take care of yourself, Chiel. ;v; Your health is important, too.

So SO glad everything got fixed there, and omfg that is scary. D:
Any way to maybe keep a back up you keep updated in like a private google drive or similar? On the dev end I am legit a tech incompetent, so no idea if smooshing it in to a folder in there'd bork stuff or not.

I think B or C on the effects.
Also agreed, both that exercise starting hurts like a mofo, but also with Kahlil. I mean I understand a bit, but I am too shy for bikinis by far. xD Nearly same amt exposed.

Yes, Webtoons're an addicting rabbit hole that is just so addicting. Like potato chips.

It's already out~ Just has a new page. o3o

I am always around, always~ owo Just more often as a lurker, and sorry for getting you to miss me. xD I went through a sort of stress induced anti-social withdrawn thing that I am still working my way out of as best I can.But either way! You rock and you got this! :D

I don't always reply, but I always read the updates.

I am so sorry you lost some of your work there. I've done similar with a doodle I was doing and jsut. ;A;
A whole BG. *flails* Hope you're doing okay though. o3o
And agreed, Arya. Sleep > vacation. xD

Welp, this makes me very happy and as long as we're even remotely okay-ish financially I will def be supporting you guys and buying it when the commercial build comes out.

Stay safe, Chiel!
Sadly my country is FUBARing this badly. They'll only test you here if you've been in direct contact with someone with a confirmed case, unless they eventually call you back to be all "Uuuh yeah nvm go get tested" which is rare. :/ Greed and idiocy is winning out here.

I figured it was Ren'py weirdness. I just mentioned it to make sure you knew it was what they were mentioning.

It's a bug, where if you go on a certain Waite choice/path it keeps the banging/slamming SFX that never quits.

Ooooh~ o3o So freaking excited! <3 I know it's a lot of hard work but thank you so much for bringing it to life for all of us.

Must be the app thing the, I've only ever used it browser and it's not there on here. Curses. xD

I will say at least in my playthroughs, whenever you get to a red heart w/ one of the guys everyone's heart does go to the broken one.. Except Ernol. His never did in my runs.

Wait, how do we track time played? o3o

Out of the guys there? Haves and Klein're up my alley.

Ooh yay I love some darkness in my otome/VNs. :D (I say as a lover of a certain bad end of Winged Ones especially xD)
Also besides the Doraemon SOS, you excited for RF4 or the SOS Mineral Town remake? :D Also, ooh there's a new Digimon game? :o

Not Windchimes here, but they're at least RN Kickstarter stretch goals.

Figured it out, mostly. I was overestimating the stats I needed and thus not texting quite enough.

Nope. Is there certain stat requirements if you do the Day Planning mode?

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What all do you need for Cain's best/romantic end? I remember from before the updates and then tried to follow the new guide, yet it defaults to friendship with all the guys end, even if I find the notes in the study and such.

Oh man! D: Stay safe and I hope there're no more earthquakes.

Yay sweetie Yuta droopy eyes <3 And grumpybutt Toshio~