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Eee thank you so much! I almost did it today but figured I should ask first, and that since tomorrow is the first of December it'd fit better, anyway. :3
And yeah doing voices is throat intensive but definitely fun. I've definitely got more of my friends in to different otome they'd never known of from it than otherwise and it's friggin' great to have more peeps to AAAAH over stuff with. Even if I have a softer spot for the yanderes than most of them do.

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I like to do like narrated playthroughs of otome games, and since I've already played/it wouldn't be a blind run, although it'd have chat input and me doing voices, I figured since it might toe the line, it'd be best to ask you if that'd still be okay to do?

In Vegas it's still been hot and icky, though at night the temps're at least starting to dip down, day time it's still been reaching in to the mid 80sF (like today legit is reaching 85F, AKA 29C). Which is down from the in the 100s it was a couple months ago at most, but still!
I don't like the heat. T3T

I love it! Your short story yandere games're all great. But just so you know if you side w/ Cassandra, in the next choice of saying his name or refusing, the options're flipped and do the opposite of the choice. It's fine on the siding w/ Damien path though.

The vndb mentions "AI-Generated Graphics" and if it's not a false tag, would you mind me asking which parts'd be so?

I'd had covid right when family was supposed to visit and see my kids and I, getting them sick so.. whoops? xD But doin' a bit better now.

So glad everything is going better and you got your monies at least. Stay safe and don't work yourself in to the ground, okay? :3

Your work is always amazing, Esh. We love being able to partake in the wonderful world and people you've created. >:D

No need to apologize! Stuff happens and your stuff is great. :D Just figured you might wanna know. ^^ But legit thank you for these games they've been absolutely wonderful.

It and the Please don't hate Christmas games're both great, but just an FYI when I loaded this up the first page of saves have my saves from PDHC there.

Congrats on stuff going more smoothly and the overall successful upgrade of renpy! I can see why that'd be a big heccin' fear.
Also make sure to keep up on your own fluids and health 'cause you're important, too! :D
I'm so excited for when the game's done and I can get it and gush about it to everyone and get my friends addicted, too. >:D

But.. we do have a more feminine face? There's a more angular and a softer one.
I'm biologically female and it's def more feminine than my face. ;n;

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Congrats on the finishing it up and it's also okay to be mentally exhausted, you've had a stressful couple of years and stuff is AAAAAH. Grieving also comes in waves and mental stress def can make stuff go blank. Just know you're important and be gentle to yourself, it's okay that stuff got overwhelming.

Awwwh I am so, so sorry for your and your family's loss. Take your time and grieve as much as you need, losing a pet always hurts.*hugs if you want them*

Sad it's now been radio silence for so long. :c

So friggin' excited and even fi stuff is hectic and AAAAH! I'm glad you're doing so well and that life is marching on for ya, you deserve to feel fulfilled and be happy, and it's been great to see your updates on everything.

Take your time, we'll all be here, lurking, waiting. xD
We're patient though and I know I'd much rather you have a game you're happy with vs try to rush it out for us. ^^

Congrats on helping with the concept art! I'll def be following that's development, too! :D
I'm so excited this is getting closer and closer. Excited for so so much with it. <3

I will say if the sadness/grief comes in waves, that's okay, it happens. I was in an abusive relationship even when I was isolated, he took over my money/ruined my job prospects, and even got physical and even knowing I was in a better safer place once I got away, every once in a while a wave of grief'd just wash over everything, and my brain would do the whole "But what about ____? It was nice then."
If it happens, it's okay but don't fall for your brains evil lies/trying to gloss over the bad times, too.
Def focus on yourself and your health though. Because legit, you are important and deserving of being comfy and happy. :< *hugs* Stay safe and be kind and gentle to yourself.

Of course, feel free to follow/stalk it etc. I mean what's a lil stalking each other's pages between friends? xD
Sorry stuff' gone so rough but I hope it only goes on an upswing from here, because eugh, I know the feel so hard of thinking someone you love is how they are, but then it turns out to be just their public persona/mask. 
And I still agree on the both sides need to compromise. If only one side bends, there's only so far to bed before you break, y'know? :<

Of course, I'm sometimes to brain stressed/potato blob to think of responses, but I try to always read your updates.
Also, as someone who's been in a toxic and starting off emotionally abusive relationship(it didn't get physical til after I had m y kid) I don't wish that on anyone, and it sucks how they can make us internalize it and think the weight should be all on us when  no, relationships are mutual and both sides need to be willing to do some lifting to make them work. If one side's carrying it all it just makes you hurt and collapse, in one way or another. :<

I read your response on my comment and hon, it's okay YOU are not a disappointment, your mom isn't disappointed wit you. If anything she's probably upset on your behalf in general/upset at his family.
You didn't do wrong, you loved the wrong person, and it can happen. I know how that goes with my first son's dad, down to living with family/him having no drive on it, except in his case it was his grandparent's and he was intentionally sowing discord between us because he was trying to sever any ties I had with anyone/making me extra trapped.

I will say when it comes to him, though remember this... When someone shows you who they are, and what their priorities are, believe them. Especially if this seemed more like a flipped switch after marriage. Some guys put on an extra show and only once they feel you're stuck/trapped(even if they don't realize/do it actively) start to show their worst sides because they feel "Well she made her choice and is stuck with it" kinda things.
Thankfully it's also better when the masks slides earlier, because although it's harder when married, once kids're involved it can be so much harder. x-x 
But also seriously, YOU ARE SO NOT A DISAPPOINTMENT! You're caring, forward thinking, and were actually well meaning and went in to the relationship with good faith. You matter, your family cares for you, and even if it can be stressful, it definitely seems like your mom really cares for you

Also, we're all here for you, and I'm here, on twitter as Seraiden3, etc and if you ever want to talk, get stuff on your chest etc? Legit feel free to message me, it's no burden, and I sleep somewhat odd times anyway so if I'm up I'll respond. :D

I'm sorry he's being a stubborn jerk and no, you didn't make the wrong choice you did the best with the information you were given.
If he hid himself and parts of who he is/how he acted that is on him, not you.
I will say either nip it in the bud and set your foot down now or it does get worse. People coddled by their parents wont change unless they want to, and if it's too comfortable for him.. welp he might be a lost cause.
Sadly the keeping your distance and giving strict boundaries is all you can overall do, and hopefully he'll realize how badly he screwed up. The will to change and keep change has to be from him/inside him though, alas.

It's also part of why my mom and one of her exes broke up, he was so complacent just living in his parents' place because "Well I make some money and when they die the house is going to me anyway, so why should I move out?" among other reasons.

Def do your best to protect you and don't get swept up in it all, we all care for and are rooting for you and you deserve to be treated wonderfully, not minimized and ignored.

Also if he keeps up the "it's unimportant" bits... try treating something you don't care for but he does the same way and turn it around on him and be all "And this is what you were doing to me this whole time. It ends now or something else ends." kinda things. ;w;

You use one of the rapid nose swabs on the back of the throat instead, for one of the covid varieties it shows up better in the throat than the nose. I'd tested my hubs(who'd brought it back) and it was pos, and then my eldest got sick and his test was neg, my mom mentioned the thing so I used a 2nd but on his throat and BAM. Also positive.

I'm sorry you've not finished it yet, but Digimon Survive's been my lifeblood since it's release. ;w; So good and I hope you'll get more time to play it soon, and rest when you can.

Sorry you all got sick. I will say sometimes covid, esp the newer varieties wont show in nose swabs so much but if you do a throat swab, it'll be positive. ;A; Like how it was for my family. *sob* It sucked and I hope you all recover well, no matter what the ick you got is.

Weird, it still works for me when I click stuff? .-.

NP! I'm always lurking even when I don't comment ,but I'm glad you seem to be doing good. :3

Awwwh you look amazing, and I am so glad you all had a wonderful time! ^^ I hope you also can have some good rests.

Have a wonderful wedding today(if it's still the 18th there) otherwise I hope you had a wonderful wedding! Congrats! :D <3

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Ooooh congrats on the thingies you still need to do! :D I hope they all go amazingly smooth and that it all goes well from here on out. :3
Since you want it though... definitely, good luck! All the good luck!
Also if you're worried on the CG thingy, IDK if you do or not already but maybe like playing with one of the websites that lets you pose figures around'd work for ideas/seeing if something looks okay or too wrong? IDK if that'd be easier or harder on you, tho.
Also, legitimately... thank you for putting so much time and effort in to this game for all of us, especially through these hectic times. Thank you so, so much.

Sorry for all the extra stress it's giving ya but I'm glad even if rocky it's continuing. xD
Sorry you can't basically run off and elope like my hubs and I (basically) did. Big weddings're scary/stressful. ;w; Good luck, my friend!

Glad you realized the pt. 2, and I'm glad stuff seems to be going well for you, too! :D Also oooh that teeny snippet of CG looks so, so nice!
Thank you for keeping up with this even with all the hecticness and keeping us updated all the time and everything. <3

No need to apologize, you're still making the game in the pandemic, AND dealing with wedding stuff. Take all the break you need, we'll still be here, waiting.

Stay safe, have a wonderful Christmas, and keep up w/ your health and stuffs. ^^

Just a few more days. <3

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I bought it on Switch yesterday and I love the game so much! But just so you know the Switch version has some pretty gnarly load times, like in some scene changes or loading a save I've had 22-30 second load times. Oh, and comparing it, somehow the grain filter that's usually around is completely absent for the Switch port.

Nothing wrong with that, just sorry on all the extra stress and that stuff's going rough again. I hope you and your loved ones all stay very safe and healthy. *hugs*

Rama's, too. I love the really dark bad ends. They're some of my favs in otome. <3

I also agree overall w/ Chelsea, I prefer a fully done game, enjoyment wise, vs the episodic type, and I avoided Mystic Destinies initially(before I found out more on the dev and such to solidify it) because being newer to otome when I saw it I was confused by it's pricing and avoided it completely because of said confusion on what I needed to buy for what.
Episodic is less problematic/confusing in that way, but it's probably harder to do in an actual monetized way because you want people to get it, but if you have an upfront price for an unfinished project it can make people more wary of paying, and if you put enough out before adding a price it can also cause a bit of a stink(whether justified or not). Though I know even on tipped/PWYW stuff I try to put in what I can, because people work hard, but I know not everyone is like that.
If anything I say see what you feel most comfortable with, and you can always try it and if it doesn't work out in a way you want try a different way next time.
I'd also say DON'T be afraid to edit a game after on the routes, even big name games modify/patch/rework games. So if you feel an older part needs an update/upgrade... Do it. I think itch lets you right? It happens and shouldn't be vilified for wanting to improve your own work, and if it's a big enough change maybe keep up both versions? IDK. But it's your future games so it's utterly up to you! I'm just here for the ride. :D <3