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Unity Problem: Lighting

A topic by Cubix Shadows created 6 days ago Views: 166 Replies: 15
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Hello! i am making game in unity
and i use bake light in every scene
i have problem that i want to turn off the light on horror scene and use only flash light
but how i can turn light off bake
please replay solution
Thank You

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Read the rules!

By rules I mean the Godot wild jam's rules. 

You can post any unity game elsewhere (except engine exclusive game jams).

 btw: I have no idea about anything unity

 You are not allowed to use any engine other than Godot for the jam.

Go here and READ the rules: Godot Wild Jam #69 -



But this is the general community. The jam has its own here.

Thanks for your reply

Oh sorry i did not know that. is only godot made games can upload on itch and is every game on itch is made by godot thank you

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No, our friend is talking about a specific game jam, and you posted in the general community.


Oh I thought this is the Godot wild jam community

do you have any idea about unity thanks

Moderator moved this topic to General Development

Sorry Cubix Shadow I thought this was the Godot wild jam community. I am new to .

Extremely Sorry.

don't worry it is ok


btw: I have no idea about anything unity.

Ok thanks


When you bake lighting, a single lightmap is generated for all your lights and your static game objects. i.e. there is no easy option to turn these lights on and off. Probably you can do some hacky solution like replacing the entire lightmap with a completely black lightmap at runtime. There is no standard Unity feature for that. Static lightmaps are just not meant to be used for dynamic lighting ...

Thanks but how i can make two lightmaps when i try it my game crash please explain it thank you 


That is not a standard approach. If you need dynamic lights, you are probably better of with dynamic lighting. But if you want to mess with the lightmaps, then you can access them via the LightmapSettings-Class:

var lightmaps = LightmapSettings.lightmaps;
lightmaps[0].lightmapColor = new Texture2D(256, 256, TextureFormat.ARGB4444, false);
LightmapSettings.lightmaps = lightmaps;

This code will replace the color component of the lightmap with a black texture.