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My DDLC memes (from Reddit)

A topic by ~Mattyd created 35 days ago Views: 520 Replies: 14
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Optimism (Sayori style)


For all the Sayorians.... :D

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Awkward! (w. Yuri & MC & ...)

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Down-voted (for the Yurians! Yuri for the win!!)

Presents for the Dokis (for the ALL DOKI = BEST DOKI ...and Monikans!)

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Holy crap, I found MONIKA'S MOM!!!!]

 I found a vid of Dolly Parton doing a cover of Stairway to Heaven (quite surreal BTW).... And I suddenly realized.... Holy Crap!!  Dolly has been rocking Monika's hairstyle since the 80's!!!



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I'm making backgrounds for someone doing a DDLC game mod. 

Here are the scenes with the Dokis - they make nice desktop backgrounds:

I can make you a custom desktop if requested.  All free.


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the "Doki Doh't"

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Here's another background (cafe) I made for someone doing a DDLC game mod. 

Natsuki and Sayori with cherry blossoms: (big)

Monika and Yuri with cherry blossoms: (big)

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New Backgrounds I'm making for a modder...

Sayori's Dorm room:  <- BIG

I made  Sayori's room... her. 

A bit messy. There is a stuffed animal on the bed, and posters on the walls (taken from her poem words). The room itself is Sayori... the warm sunlight permeating and masking the darkness that hides in the corner. On the desk, a vase of 'bittersweet' branch.

Yuri's Dorm <-BIG

Very atmospheric. Organized and arranged to evoke emotional serenity. A place of respite and solace. Books, books, and books (no more room on the bookshelf). Three different light filters in various parts of her room.

Natsuki's and Monika's soon...

Monika's Dorm

Monika's room.

She makes the most out of the canvas given to her.

Elegant and practical.

Organized and enticing.

There's an orchid plant on the desk, a gift from... me 

you maybe?

Natsuki's bedroom

It's cute. And where it wasn't cute, she made it cute.

Happy Valentine's Day to the Dokis

Happy Valentine's Day FROM the Dokis

But, what was the favorite thing they got?

Click here to see Monika's favorite gift <3

Click here to see Yuri's favorite gift <3

Click here to see Natsuki's favorite gift <3

Click here to see Sayori's favorite gift <3

Hope you enjoy, on the one day it is appropriate to say:

"Happy VD!".



And yes, those are custom expressions on the Sprites

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"Yuri in Early Autumn"

MUCH bigger image will replace this on Monday.

Poor Natsuki, and Monika's "lean" comes in handy on rough seas