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How to get start to loop frames ?

A topic by zh4r0naX created 73 days ago Views: 99 Replies: 8
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i do like the tool, i can get perfect looped animations, but when i have them exported, how to i get the start to that first frame ? I mean how to get the frames until the loop starts ? The start and end of the effect ? If i have a smoke trail for example, the loop is perfect. But how to get a fitting begin of the smoke trail until it reaches the size of the loop ? Same counts for the end when i want to let all remaining particles die.

Thank you

I don't know if i understand you well. The app creates loop animations. Using in your engine you should be able to handle the number of frames, speed or whatever and set any alpha/transparency for fade out or whatever to get the final visual. Or what you mean?

yes but i dont want to fade them in our out, i want an effect to start from 0 to slowly get towards the looping animation.
Lets say in my FX particles are moving from point A to B all the time. In the loop they would already be particles between A and B and maybe already at Position B which is their target point. This is finely happening in the loop. But now i need the time till that loop kicks in when all particles are still at point A and no particle started to point B.

Hopefully this is better.

Still i don't know very well. If your loop animation is 60 frames, the time to the animation get loop , this means start again , will depends on how much fast you set in your game that animation ¿?

And what you need the time? If you need for execute some event you can say = On Animation finished -> Do X, or ANimation is on Frame X(The ma N frames your animation have) -> Do X ¿?

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This is the starting animation, now i need a loop to attach towards this seemlessly. ( Because i dont want to fade in the full effect, i want to make it start like this, and after that loop it. If i click now on loop animation, they dont fit into each other. )

Thank you for your time.

And this would be the loop, but they dont fit.

I think now i understood you. So you want a particle effect that starts with nothing creating particles and then a way to get a continuous loop.

No idea how to do that sorry.You can create burst animation and loops. But create a burst animation that ends just to add the looped one and this two one fits, i don't know. Maybe there is a way but actually no idea.

Yes this is exactly what i want to do... mh.. do you know anybody who could know that ?

Nop no idea sorry. 

Any way to contact codemanu directly on this, or make him get the attention on this post ? Cant find a mail or whatever, and i dont have a twitter account.