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Carpentry Story 馃尣馃獡

Restore town and save residents by making furniture! 路 By fizzlymike

Any help to progress?

A topic by CoolHipster678 created 80 days ago Views: 44 Replies: 1
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HI! At the moment I have unlocked almost all the buildings in the city, the only two that I have not yet unlocked are the two buildings to the west, the one with the note on the door and the one with the climbing plants next to the door, any advice on how to unlock them?

(I repaired all the unlocked buildings and gave all the furniture I could give, and also fixed up the square)

Developer (1 edit)

Hello! Key for the building with the vines on the wall can be found (SPOILER ALERT) in the forest.

Building with note on the door is supposed to be your future furniture shop (not yet implemented).