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HI! At the moment I have unlocked almost all the buildings in the city, the only two that I have not yet unlocked are the two buildings to the west, the one with the note on the door and the one with the climbing plants next to the door, any advice on how to unlock them?

(I repaired all the unlocked buildings and gave all the furniture I could give, and also fixed up the square)

You know you could have just took a screenshot, right?

I have played DevilHack, and I must say that the game is very beautiful and original.

The basic concept of the game is new, fresh, and interesting; and in this case, it was developed in an original and fun way.

Using parodies of famous sites makes the game much more authentic (I love Blezemuth on Dwitch <3) All the applications within the game are interesting (I love that you can type anything on the search and be put off to a list of Lorem Ipsum sites).

Moving on to the gameplay, it's a mixture of using certain computer applications and solving puzzles.

The puzzles are tricky, but not difficult and not boring either, which is very good indeed!

I really like the artistic style of the characters, very sexy design, I'd like to fuck them all ;-p

The dialogues need more attention, because a lot of them are too short to fit in, and some of the sex scenes are too short too, the interactive scenes are very good and I really like them a lot.

The storyline is very intriguing, and I hope to find out more about the story in future updates.

I bought the DLC, if you're interested, it's very nice, although very short, it's also sexy, and it's worth the somewhat cheap price of a dollar.

The game in general is really great, but it lacks content to make the gameplay long and juicy (You finish it in a 10-30 minute span)

My advice to be able to advertise the game (and have more potential buyers) I strongly suggest you open accounts on fur affinity, inkbunny and other social furries to post drawings, grow a small fan base and redirect it to

The comic is bad-ish? Art is okayish, but the plot is pure chaos

There should be more information about the artist and where they can be found online(Some imagination with the page's number and the artist's social tag), and everything should be packed into a folder, just to be sure not to have 18 pngs all over your desktop when you unzip it

Cress? Yeah he's a hottie, I thought Cress's story wasn't complete until I took that biology class...

Hi, can you please give the possibility to Train Gin after finishing his ark? And can I ask if it ends here or if it's gonna be continued? Because I absolutely love him and think there should be more male content in the game

Didn't know that, tysm! I kept saving, showing the pass, and load the save until they accepted it, saves a lot of time!

get some bottles at Hardware R us, go to the forest, wander around til you find the fairies, resist them, they will force you to fight, beat them(Can't do ero attacks on them) and when the game asks you to collect some dust say "yes"

If you dress indecently in the new upper ark, the UNA guards will stop you and the game freezes, not allowing you to change your clothes but neither will they arrest you and take you to jail, the game just freezes