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I want raft free but full version

A topic by created 14 days ago Views: 977 Replies: 8
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I want raft free but full version

ok i have it... just tell me why you dont wanna support the devs for this awesome game...

I can't afford it for quite  a while, that's why I want it free... but will totally buy it when I can. >.>

Also I can't really help test it and provide feedback on an old version.

it's free on itch, don't know why.  How are they making money?  It's a fun game and I wouldn't mind supporting the developer for this one.

Because what's on here is several versions out of date,

When is it going to be updated?

The version is no longer supported. The game is out now on Steam for $15 I think, and its packed full of new features like islands and reefs

Why was it dropped on itch?  What is wrong with selling games here?