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I want raft free but full version

A topic by created Jan 08, 2019 Views: 2,992 Replies: 15
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I want raft free but full version

ok i have it... just tell me why you dont wanna support the devs for this awesome game...

I can't afford it for quite  a while, that's why I want it free... but will totally buy it when I can. >.>

Hey i will give it to you... just tell me the way you want it sent... Email, Google drive (SLOOOOW!), Or other (tell me)

Also I can't really help test it and provide feedback on an old version.

it's free on itch, don't know why.  How are they making money?  It's a fun game and I wouldn't mind supporting the developer for this one.

Because what's on here is several versions out of date,

When is it going to be updated?

The version is no longer supported. The game is out now on Steam for $15 I think, and its packed full of new features like islands and reefs

Why was it dropped on itch?  What is wrong with selling games here?

Brief history of Redbeet Interactive and how Raft came to be:

Redbeet Interactive

Redbeet Interactive is a very small studio of three people founded in 2017. It is based in Skövde, Sweden and consists of two graphics artists and one programmer who all attended the game design program at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. The studio is currently developing Raft, which is its first project. 


Raft started as a student project at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland fall 2016. A group of three students spent around 15 weeks half-time to create a prototype for a survival game set on an endless ocean. Said prototype was released for free on December 19th, 2016, right before christmas. While the group was home on Christmas break, Raft was starting to get noticed by more and more youtubers and gained a lot of traction on 

By the end of May the prototype had been downloaded over 7 million times and was covered by several major youtubers such as Jacksepticeye, Markiplier and FGTeeV. This type of response came as quite the shock to the developers. They quickly decided to keep developing Raft into something bigger and better. With their sights set on a Steam Early Access release in 2018 they met with Scrap Mechanic developers Axolot Games in search for an investor and publisher. With their common passion for survival games both parties felt this was a perfect match and soon after decided to work together. With the support of Axolot Games, the team founded the studio Redbeet Interactive, moved to Skövde and continued the development of Raft.

That's great!!  but what does this have to do with linux support and selling the game on itch?

As I explained in another topic, multiple parts of the Steam version, including the multiplayer, depend on Steam API, servers and features to function (game will crash the moment it can't connect to Steam and will not start without it) so only thing they could sell here would be Steam keys. Selling only on Steam also mean they don't have to deal with multiple stores and they only have to monitor feedback on Steam forums.  Not supporting Mac/Linux means they only have to compile, test and maintain builds for single operating system and don't need to support multiple graphic renderers (DirectX 11 for Windows and OpenGL for Mac/Linux). They also don't need to have Mac/Linux PC's to test on in their office.

Do remember that they dropped Mac/Linux support during the development of the prototype and last version released for Mac/Linux was 1.04 while for Windows it was 1.05b.

Plus they're actually making money now that it's not really for free if you want the full version

Lots of games sell on Itch and provide a steam key if the game is also on Steam.

what do you mean by that?