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How are related games chosen?

A topic by Mario Donick created Jan 01, 2019 Views: 230 Replies: 2
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when I click on my own game's page the "related games" link, just one other roguelike is shown, albeit lots of other games are tagged with the same tags. And I assume, on the other hand my game won't be shown as "related" with most of the other.

How are related games chosen by the site's algorithms? Is there a certain amount of tags that need to be the same between two games? (i.e. do I maybe use too many tags? I currently use the tags "exploration", "pixel-art", "procedural", "roguelike", "rpg", and "singleplayer")? Or is there some other method at work?

Has nobody an idea?


Hello, sorry for not replying sooner.

The related games algorithm is complicated, so it's hard to say why. Essentially it creates a graph of "signals" based on shared properties of different games (tags, buyers, raters, etc.). It then uses those connections to calculate a score, and the games with the highest scores become the related games. So there's no simple answer to your question about the tag overlap. 

A possible explanation for not seeing many recommendations, the algorithm hasn't updated yet. It isn't calculated real time, but run every once and a while. So it may take some days before recommendations start appearing.

Hope that helps.

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