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Explore the town and find ways to control the residents in this adult RPG! · By SmilingDog

newest version bugs

A topic by SPEEDY3003 created Dec 30, 2018 Views: 927 Replies: 2
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oh missed the recent update(s) - seems have to start over again

bug1) after the intro part in the forest and you return home - when you walk downstairs your "mother" stands next to the stairs and is talking about getting your sister and at the same time sitting at the dining table giving generic replies

bug2) kays maother first contact: "n<Lily>You must be Sean! kay has told us so much about you."

bug3) some text lines of the smith-npc have no line break and go out of the text box in line1

bug4) the small pop-ups for the (next) quest target are too small(?)  and it seems the gme adds another box to make it fit and it seems like they overlap [textbox1]box2]

bug5) at the "indoctrinate kay quest" where you have to play tag with her - if you keep the up-arrow pressed during the dialogue at the start of the quest you automatically and up in a dialogue with the little girl about helping her while the clock is still ticking which gives you an easy way to win the tag-game

bug6) the indoctrinate lena quest still not appears in the quest log

bug7) using the controller in your own room still leads (sometimes) to a restart of the day (/ new day?)

bug8) the control upgrade for rika with the help of gwen in the fores is still buggie - when you talk to gwen during the chase she has something like c[38]... displayed instead her name and while reaching the fireplace rika still repeats her sentences from the start of the chase/quest

bug9) some typos here and there together with textlines starting with "name>dialogue" <- ">" code leftover? & sometimes [...] appearing in the first line with a number in it instead of the ...

bug10) some characters missing the pop-up for "not implemented yet"


Hiya man! Thanks for the report, I'll get on them right now!

In the case of the save files, you can transfer your saves by:

1)Going into the "www" folder of the old game file.

2)Copying the "saves" folder

3)Pasting the old save file into the new game folder!

Let me know if you're unable to do so yeah! 

thanks managed to find that out myself just right before - but I wanted to start over anyway to check some things - i.e: if Lenas indoctrination really had no event/cg and if you could get the little girl to actually drink the serum too

making money by working at the shop feels useless - scavenging gives you enough money without using time ingame - it is just annoying clicking...


the latest upgrad with jace is a bit weird - you have to visit her several times at night in the tent - every time you speeak to her she says stuff like "I know what you do here" (but up to this point in game development it is nothing?!?) and stuff like "bring someone else along"

at the last visit a thug-npc appeared with her in the tent - was this guy supposed to be there every time?


is there a reason for the 50 day time limit? - with getting everyone maexed out as far as possible I got rather close to the 50 days time limit

and when I skipped the remaining days on purpose the poster in the room just said

3 days left

2 days left

1 day left

0 days left

-1 days left