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1) all blue flowers in the right half of the garden "c[3]A clourful bush

2) during the arrival of the new geusts at the inn "<inn keeper>" in textbox

3) at least for gwen "remove underwear" doesn't work when only wearing the top/bra

4) no wear all / take all off for the harem/maid stuff? plus all the sprite flickering (eyes) is irritating while changing the outfits

5) for sister cat/bunny-ears as options but nothing at the shop?

so much for now

played the game several days/weeks ago until finished all the actual content
unlocked all in the crystal device and worked my way through the first part of the desert-dungeon

checked my library today for updates - got one for guild project
installed it - started game and checked the change log

recent version 0.11...: new region indoor baths etc... - that is all that I could do bevore installing the new update

starting the game and now half of it doesn't work anymore
1) enemy compendium shows only [bunny] and the wooden headline is empty
2) the crystal device is completly empty - wooden headline and white box

ah ok then I got everything right - thanks for the reply

Renryuu: Ascension community · Created a new topic Dea


from the last update


Update changes:

- New events with Dea on both the good and bad path. On the good route you can talk with her again after the scene to change her outfit. (...)


reached that point now - and now I can change her clothes back and forth between old and new - is that the "talk again" part? / where it ends for now?

or did I miss something?

ok thx - for the fast reply

kept a save file before making the choice at the crystal and then tried both ways but only got the same sequence both times so I was a bit confused

so when you unlocked one end you can continue to play on as long as you don't view the actual ending in the book but can you then choose ending for other characters too?

lenas ending was pretty much excluding everyone else in it so that wouldn't make much sense I guess?

PS: avoided to point at the typos in the texts of the last updates because there were only very few here and there but maybe you should double check the text of the ending - some parts were VERY weird and/or confusing... - at least how it appeared to me

good update just some comments/questions afterwards (looking back at my notes)

1) end day/start new day - warps you first back in your old house and then over to the mansion

2) leaving the replay room made me re-appear in the old house insteadof the mansion

3) some of gwen's dialogues are still of her about living in her old house alone

4) some way to repaid the mansion's outside/garden?

5) no way to move kay's mother lily over too?

6) the new rika x kat scene can only be triggered once? (except the replay room?)

7) still the same old harvesting annoyance - could it be at least possible to combine all text lines into one text box when you harvest ONE bush/rock/etc... (made me so frustrated that I used a save game edit to add some money for the house repairs...)

8) another annoyance that you can't use whole houses as play-fields - have a character follow you around inside her/your house and you can't use the sex option thanks to them behavon like beeing outside in public

9) both lena ending are the same?
9.1) no differences?
9.2) besides unlocking an ending does it effect the remaining gameplay anyway - made me stop there not possibly mess up my playthough

thanks for the explanation

still sounds like such a waste :)

technically both

when you interact with the crystal once you see the flashback

when you interact with it the second time you get a choice

the option let kay control her gets you to the threesome plus the "warning" that because of this your options with her are limited

if you try the other option to calm her with the serum there are no interactions with her afterwards 

so the question is if I missed something to continue on with this path or is this just the end of current content?

tried option one to let kay do it and ended up with a "limited version(?)" of lilytried the other option and nothings happening or do I miss a trigger?

tried the first option in kay's 2nd mind room -> got limited control as a result

so I tried the 2nd option to calm her down or something like that but nothing happens afterwards?

(PS: is it possible to combine all the text when gathering resources (bushes, berries, etc...) into one box instead of one box for every sentence?)

yep now it works but still a bit weird óO

after reading your reply - in the browser-window of the itch-desktop-app - hit the big red update button and all it did was opening the page as a new tab in my google chrome browser

had to go back in the game library - right click on it and check there for updates to download it

this app seems to still be a bit weird - thats one of the reasosn I'm still hesitating to see how it works in tandem with patreon and co...

hmm still not working thats a new record witch this itch-app

(2 edits)

nope still up to date as 0.17d

not the first time/game this app starts to annoy me - still the advantages outweigh the disadvantages...

no idea if you could update manually and the app will then adjust if you do it right

edit: friday may 24 still the same ;(

edit: sunday morning may 26 still no update possible

update from 0.17 to 0.18 not working - software is still telling "nano controlis up to date"

good update - thanks

(some typos I found if you are collecting/fixing them - picture at directupload)

while trying to find out how/where to start the valentine event

I noticed kay's repeatable blow job in the forest is not working perfectly

1) one text line "[Kay]Alright!" <- the brackets

2) during the "It's taste bitter... (<-It*'s*?) a second sprite of her appear left to her first one...

ah ok found the tent stuff - seems I thaught the "other stuff" option was to go back in the dialogue-choices and not about continuing the list -.-"

so the two public use scenes were about the leasing-stuff and not about the options while having a character follow you?!
then I guess the sister has no scene - could bring her along but nothing happened

(besides some missing dots at the end of sentences from the mayor - some stuff with the dialogues with the npcs in the tent and during the scenes with mother, jace and gwen felt weird - but it was late and I was tired after a long day and just wanted to test it fast so I rushed through the lines)

nope - nothing happening at night with jace or gwen following (tried other day-segments too - still snothing)

the tent quest was from jace (last) upgrade or did I miss something?

Nano-control community · Created a new topic 15c

"Not one, but two public use scenes are added into the game this time, cause I love you all. Jace and Gwen now have their public use scenes in the game now!"

doesn't seem to work for me - both have max lvl (as far as implemented into the game) and the xp bar is filled (jace has 600xp) - butit says always "need a bit more control...?!"

PS: the stalker kid next to kay's hous misses an "." atthe end of one ofhis sentences and in kay's public scene the letters of one word are mixed up

(besides one typo during theevent in the casino cellar and one with Kayelinth at the start of her following event...)

on the kingdom-map all military units (healer, mage, heavy, etc...) in the vanguard-field now have all the same model and look like regular footsoldiers?!

done / thanks

nope - nothin - did check there already and now again after your post but neither insde the building nor out in the open is a npc like that

some soldiers, some tickets please guys, some named npcs etc - but no bodyguard/angel

seems I have bad luck...

can't remember how I left the island or how to return to it now that the quest is over and mira is in the castle talking about what to do with the crystal...

finished Mira's event on the island but can't find Shanna now in Pumumu

Nano-control community · Created a new topic 14d issues

during jace new upgrade: "[10]Why does this keeps happening to me..."

during gwen new upgrade "I feel a but weird... but I'm fine..."

when you see the during the new replay the replay of the one in your sister's room you got busted/punished by her in the end which didn't happen during the actuall upgrade scene back then

not sure but I think there are more then a few typos during lena's repeatable (anal) sex scenes

chat option with jace not working while beeing controlled now?

giving out the two christmas outfits "without must heasitation, they start stripping and change into the clothes you handed them."

thanks managed to find that out myself just right before - but I wanted to start over anyway to check some things - i.e: if Lenas indoctrination really had no event/cg and if you could get the little girl to actually drink the serum too

making money by working at the shop feels useless - scavenging gives you enough money without using time ingame - it is just annoying clicking...


the latest upgrad with jace is a bit weird - you have to visit her several times at night in the tent - every time you speeak to her she says stuff like "I know what you do here" (but up to this point in game development it is nothing?!?) and stuff like "bring someone else along"

at the last visit a thug-npc appeared with her in the tent - was this guy supposed to be there every time?


is there a reason for the 50 day time limit? - with getting everyone maexed out as far as possible I got rather close to the 50 days time limit

and when I skipped the remaining days on purpose the poster in the room just said

3 days left

2 days left

1 day left

0 days left

-1 days left

(8 edits)

oh missed the recent update(s) - seems have to start over again

bug1) after the intro part in the forest and you return home - when you walk downstairs your "mother" stands next to the stairs and is talking about getting your sister and at the same time sitting at the dining table giving generic replies

bug2) kays maother first contact: "n<Lily>You must be Sean! kay has told us so much about you."

bug3) some text lines of the smith-npc have no line break and go out of the text box in line1

bug4) the small pop-ups for the (next) quest target are too small(?)  and it seems the gme adds another box to make it fit and it seems like they overlap [textbox1]box2]

bug5) at the "indoctrinate kay quest" where you have to play tag with her - if you keep the up-arrow pressed during the dialogue at the start of the quest you automatically and up in a dialogue with the little girl about helping her while the clock is still ticking which gives you an easy way to win the tag-game

bug6) the indoctrinate lena quest still not appears in the quest log

bug7) using the controller in your own room still leads (sometimes) to a restart of the day (/ new day?)

bug8) the control upgrade for rika with the help of gwen in the fores is still buggie - when you talk to gwen during the chase she has something like c[38]... displayed instead her name and while reaching the fireplace rika still repeats her sentences from the start of the chase/quest

bug9) some typos here and there together with textlines starting with "name>dialogue" <- ">" code leftover? & sometimes [...] appearing in the first line with a number in it instead of the ...

bug10) some characters missing the pop-up for "not implemented yet"

almost forgot to reply...

1)yup - it was weird/strange but it worked and it finished her initial quest - even after the quest itselft had already "vanished" from the quest log - but not much happened - got transported to the house added the serum to her drink and the the quest was finished and the character kicked out of the house without any scene after the serum

2)when you use the controller-item directly at the start of a day in front of the bed - directly after closing the screens and returning to the game the game repeats the go to bed/start a new day animation and you loose the whole day

3)the option to give the serum to sarah during the level-up for kay - is it supposed not to be succesfull or does it depend on how many times you played with her befor (in the repeatable quest)?

4)the "mini game" for the level-up of rika with the help of gwen is buggy - at the ende the dialogue repeats itself again and again - but after talking to them a few times the game suddenly advanced again to the pudding part

yes I explored the forest - ignoring the clown - found her in the forest - she talked about a welcome gift - were transported into her house - she dropped the gift - something was said about her beeing clumsy and the quest to find a way to control her started - after that I helped the clown got the serum but the quest vanished from the quest-log by then and now I only got random text line from her like an ordinary npc

explored to early - triggered the first encounter with lena (neighbour) - got her first quest but after the intro-part of the game when I got the serum the quest was gone