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Heya! Sorry for the late reply, got caught up in some menu designs for my other game. 

Yeap! You'll be able to continue playing until you "choose" an ending. The plan is that on higher levels, you will be able to select endings that involve more people once the higher mind rooms are introduced! The next update will add in Elaine's and Kay's personal ending, so it might be a better idea on what personal endings will be like! 

Thanks for the detailed notes as always! Appreciate it!

1)Will get this fixed!

2)Will get this fixed as well.

3)Must have forgotten to link her with the new dialogue, will be updated!

4)Yeap! It's a work in progress!

5)Currently no, but I might be able to get something like that soon.

6)Yeah, it's more of an interaction than repeatable scene.

7)Yeah, can't really do that cause the odds of getting items are all individually calculated. You can use the cheat book to add money in game though, hopefully that helps.

8)Ah, damm, I keep forgetting to update that. Sorry!

9)The pregnant and non-pregnant ending only affects the sprites and some text in the epilogue. Other than that not much else haha. Oh, but if you choose the make her have your kid option, you actually need to cum in her until the "you got her pregnant" notification appears to see the pregnant ending if that's what you mean.

The game is at the latest version now haha. You can typically get the latest update from the Patreon page, we also have a walkthrough/guide there, hopefully it helps! 

Heya! Sorry for the late reply! The android package here doesn't seem to be working properly. Try using this link! There's also a walkthrough there so hopefully it will help! 

Oh I see! The option actually gets you the most interactions, the "warning" is mostly just a "notice" to show that there won't be as much interactions as normal due to her being a bonus girl. Sorry for the confusion. 

Sorry, what do you mean by this? Do you mean the option for the crystal or the threesome scene?

Oh I see! There's a walkthrough hereif it's useful? It might be bad RNG, on average it takes about 4 tries to get the dialogue, but sometimes some people take longer. Let me know if you still can't get it!

I tweaked it a bit, should be working now I think!

That's odd, is it working now?

Oh, you'll need to mess with one of her cows. Keep talk to it about 5 times in the morning and it'll attack you. Then the quest should start!

Oh, I see. Hmmm, I don't have a mac unfortunately, I'll try to get someone with one to check it out! Thanks for letting me know!

Oh I see! I'll get that fixed asap! Thanks for letting me know!

Yeah, public use scenes are different from public sex scenes, sorry for the confusion! 

Rika doesn't have a public use scene yet, working on getting the art done, but it should be in soon!

Been busy as well lately, so I can definitely relate to you on the tired bit haha

I see! Just talk to the mayor and ask him about the town, there should be an option to ask him about the tent! The quest should then activate, won't spoil anymore of it, but do let me know if you have trouble with it!

Oh, think I understand the issue, it's supposed to be a scene in the tent at night as opposed to a scene like Kay's level 3 event. Just bring Jace or Gwen to the tent at night after completing the tent quest and you'll be able to access them! 

I'll check out and fix the problem with Kay and the stalker kid! 

Thanks for the report!

Heya! The information should be in the link! But I'll paste it here too! 

Here's the changelog!

Jace's level 3 event
Gwen's level 3 event
Peddlers in the square now sell items
Jace's level 3 repeatable events
Gwen's level 3 repeatable events
Inspection mode update, will now reflect arousal levels and control levels!
And some misc fixes for bugs and glitches!

Hiya man! Thanks for the report, I'll get on them right now!

In the case of the save files, you can transfer your saves by:

1)Going into the "www" folder of the old game file.

2)Copying the "saves" folder

3)Pasting the old save file into the new game folder!

Let me know if you're unable to do so yeah! 

Oh! She's a bit of a weird on to unlock, you'll need to click on one of her cows about 5 times in the morning, and the cow will then attack you. The rest if pretty straight forward from there! 

Oh, what do you mean by explored too early? Do you mean you are unable to control Lena now?