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Updating Game After People's Choice Over?

A topic by SmashArtist created Dec 28, 2018 Views: 171 Replies: 3
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Was wondering, since the people's choice vote is now over, would it be okay to update my game now, or should I wait until Youtuber and Degica's choice have their results up? If so, does anyone have an idea when those results will be up?

Would be great to know! Thanks!~


its better to not update until there is a clear winner for all entries i say. there was a post somewhere about winners being announced somewhere in early January. They could also still be looking and ranking the game, any new upload could change that.

Thanks for the response, it's good to have an idea when those other winners will be announced.


The official statement so far was that the top 10 would be known shortly after the voting period is over, with winners being announced mid january. Still, all that could have changed between then and now