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Sort the Court!

Give your decree in simple yes or no answers, and help the kingdom grow! · By Graeme Borland


A topic by Starscapes created Aug 20, 2016 Views: 4,513 Replies: 11
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What's been haunting my kingdom? I've turned away the ghost, the devil, the eye, and the vampire. What's haunting me?

Refusing to pay the 1000 gold to the spirits results in you being haunted.

This can subtract gold and happiness from your kingdom.


Sorry but i have payed to tree kingdom,angry spirits, and water people (forget their proper name) but this didn't work and spirits still haunt me,

and after sometimelater they still wanted money, and i accept it but it didn't work


I have the same problem, I pay the spirits, but theres always very random hauntings


Yeah, I've even had it happen that I pay the 1000 gold and the hauntings don't stop.


The haunting storyline isn't working as I'd like it to, it's been revised and will be different in the next update.

I didn't have the 200 at first and haunting happened. I paid the 1,000. about 5 days later hauntings started again and the Witch said we should be paying the small appeasements, but it took almost 100 days for her to reappear for the smaller appeasement. I have paid the 1,000 about 5 times now. I'm at day 121 so it wasn't that big an issue. Just reporting.


The witch comes to take 200 from me once every 20 days or so but I still take random hits of haunting damage.

I don't even bother to pay the 1000 gold. It's cheaper to just live with the Haunting, as the costs only occur randomly (And seem less likely to come up after completing a certain other unrelated positive project.)

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This, also I actually think I'd be quite interesting if the ghost had some kind of relationship with the hauntings that happen on your kingdom.

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