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Will and the Seven Deadly Sins (Updated)

A topic by HighRyse Gaming created Aug 18, 2016 Views: 204 Replies: 2
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Hi ive recently put my game up for sale on here i was just letting you all know its beening updated to Alpha Build 0.86

changes include rearraged levels/Added more World Hubs

ill be updating this post hopefully at least once a week as i plan to update my game once a week with one or two playable levels

heres a link to my current Build of my game

heres what a in game picture looks like


Quick advice :

You should add a link and a small description to make it easy to look at your game.

The way you wrote your post doesn't encourage me to check your game. It looks like a bit lazy/sloppy. It's almost like reading a post that someone's told you to write as you didn't want to.


sorry i didnt realise i was allowed too ill post a link to my game as soon as possiable i also tryed added pictures but it doesnt work also another sorry first time user on here ive only been active two weeks i think