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HighRyse Gaming

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sorry I uploaded the wrong file didn't relies that and ill upload the next demo later on sorry for the big struggle to get it working but it works on my pc I guess I've got the right version we are going to make some adjustments and re upload the right demo

sorry i didnt realise i was allowed too ill post a link to my game as soon as possiable i also tryed added pictures but it doesnt work also another sorry first time user on here ive only been active two weeks i think

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Hi ive recently put my game up for sale on here i was just letting you all know its beening updated to Alpha Build 0.86

changes include rearraged levels/Added more World Hubs

ill be updating this post hopefully at least once a week as i plan to update my game once a week with one or two playable levels

heres a link to my current Build of my game


heres what a in game picture looks like

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Hi we at HighRyseGaming have made Will and the Seven Deadly Sins but at the moment its in Pre-Alpha you can buy our game for 50 cents or try out the demo build of the game before buying the game but i dont plan to complete this game till march 2017 i am planning to have 51 levels six levels in each world with there beening eight worlds and one special world

Story :

You play the role of Will A Noble boy who has his loved one, He's Girlfriend, taken away by the Tempter of Hell. The Noble boy Chases after the Tempter of hell and must travel across various worlds collecting coins, and gems to unlock the doors the Tempter of hell passes through. He must face each one of the 7 deadly sins before facing off with the Tempter of hell to save the woman of his dreams.

here is what a couple example levels looks like :

heres the link to my game


The Latest Build is now free and Will act as a Demo for my Game Hope you enjoy it

i will still update the game but it will be a paid download of 50 cents for the Pre-Alpha version of my game