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A topic by Johnny created Dec 19, 2018 Views: 156 Replies: 1
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Another excellent game from the creator of 21: The World, so I wasn't remotely surprised to see the really neat world designs and esoteric characters.

I like the direction this game is going with its gameplay, especially with the use of both arms for a combined total of six abilities.


- The statue the teleporter projectile places down will still stay if you switch weapons before the projectile hits the ground. You then have to switch back to the teleporter ability and away to remove it.

- The time slowing ability seems a bit choppy on use, I'd recommend moving the line of code that moves the player (whether it's just a rigidbody or character controller) to FixedUpdate() instead. If it isn't already, multiplying the player's motion by Time.deltaTime would be good too.

- It would be neat if you could right-click again while the teleporter projectile is out to make it go straight down. If it could also have a spotlight point out below it to show where it'll hit, that would be cool too.

- Bosses don't really telegraph their attacks, noticed this being a particular issue against the floating boss with the rings around it. The purple spiked balls would come out from behind me when I least expected it and would rip through my health really quickly.

Really neat game! Looking forward to seeing where this goes!


Thanks for writing!

These are some really good suggestions!

  •  I could certainly improve upon the Teleport ability by implementing more options to the placement, or better clarity regarding the path it will take.
  • The choppy movement during slowed time I am currently working on; Previously I had been using the FixedUpdate, but I will have to look into it more. Thanks for bringing that up!
  • As I put further work into the game's effects I am aiming to have more clear telegraphs to the enemy patterns, as I don't want things to seem unfair.