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Thanks for writing! 

This bug has been noted; I had made the foolish oversight of allowing the physics to be tied to framerate, causing varying performance from device to device. 

Unfortunately I cannot amend the current demo, as I have long since moved on from this alpha state in development. 

This issue will no longer be present with the next release, thank you for your understanding.

I can be reached at:

Hey, great to hear from you again! This is still a difficult question to put an exact date for the next update, I am putting every effort forward to make the next release a full experience. The next version will be the first full version, so there's plenty for me to refine before I feel satisfied enough to release it. As always, thanks for being patient!

Thanks for writing!

These are some really good suggestions!

  •  I could certainly improve upon the Teleport ability by implementing more options to the placement, or better clarity regarding the path it will take.
  • The choppy movement during slowed time I am currently working on; Previously I had been using the FixedUpdate, but I will have to look into it more. Thanks for bringing that up!
  • As I put further work into the game's effects I am aiming to have more clear telegraphs to the enemy patterns, as I don't want things to seem unfair.

Thanks for the help! I'll definitely be sure to make those adjustments.

Thank you for reporting this issue!

I hadn't considered this situation, and so far no one else had encountered this problem, so it's a huge help that you brought this up.

I will see to it that the issue is resolved; Once again, thanks for taking the time to play!

The Linux version of #19: The Sun has been updated to the 64 bit version, as originally intended. Sorry about the mix-up, Enjoy!