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Quite entertaining!

A topic by Kasper Hviid created Aug 15, 2016 Views: 363 Replies: 3
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I never really gotten into space sims, but this one is quite good! I really get the feeling of beeing up against a massive horde of foes.

Let's see ... head-movement is used to rotate you in any direction (roll, yaw and pitch). The left controller moves you forward/backward/left/right. Finally, the right controller moves you up/down. It kind of works, I think. At least, head movement is way more reliable than xbox controllers.

The left trigger should slow the turning and there should be a combo-meter too. I didn't notice any of this.

I have to almost touch my shoulder with my head to do a roll. Likewise with pitch and yaw. Maybe finetune the turning so they requires less extreme head positions?

The 3D crosshair is a cool design idea but it's really distracting. I rather be without.

It would be cool if the ship slowly broke apart when you got damaged. Some cockpit details would be good too. I can do you some 2D graphic, if needed. My address: kasperhviid (at)


Thanks for the comments! Interesting comment about the head movement, I'll see what I can do about that.

What controller are you using? Left trigger should definitely limit ship rotation.

What Oculus version are you using? I made it with the DK2. Combo meter is on the top-right of the cockpit.

"COMBO 029" - yeah, now I noticed it! I think I kind of ignored that area, since I considered it not to be part of the here and now gameplay.

Still can't get left trigger to slow down the turning, though. I'm looking all the way to the left while pressing and releasing the trigger, but didn't notice any different. I'm using Oculus CV1 with whatever xbox controller it's shipped with.

Have you tested how the gameplay is if you disable the ships inertia? I'm thinking of instant movement as seen in games like Robotron. Speaking of inertia used in games, I played the heck outa the Bob shareware version back then!

I just noticed that how far down you press the right trigger determines the laser size. Only eyecandy, it seems, but always fun to discover details like this!


I had a friend test it with the Xbox One controller (which ships with the CV1, but I don't have it) he didn't report the bug but it's possible that it doesn't work. In fairness it might have been overlooked, I hardly ever use that feature when I play :)

I've never tried with inertia off, always been a fan of Newtonian space sims all the way back to Space Rogue (that one: ), so it was designed from the get go with that in mind. Could be interesting to try though.

Cool about Construction Bob, my greatest hit of the time!