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I had a friend test it with the Xbox One controller (which ships with the CV1, but I don't have it) he didn't report the bug but it's possible that it doesn't work. In fairness it might have been overlooked, I hardly ever use that feature when I play :)

I've never tried with inertia off, always been a fan of Newtonian space sims all the way back to Space Rogue (that one: ), so it was designed from the get go with that in mind. Could be interesting to try though.

Cool about Construction Bob, my greatest hit of the time!

Thanks for the comments! Interesting comment about the head movement, I'll see what I can do about that.

What controller are you using? Left trigger should definitely limit ship rotation.

What Oculus version are you using? I made it with the DK2. Combo meter is on the top-right of the cockpit.

Hey! Just a few notes about how the game was made.

It was basically a weekend, gamejam-type project (without being associated with a game jam). I've put the following rules for me to follow:

  • Must use VR.
  • Must use Unity.
  • Should be done within 3-4 days (in the end, with beta-testing and corrections and improvements, it took more like 5).
  • Should be entirely doable by myself.
  • Should maximize the use of asset store items I had already bought and never used.
  • Keep any extra expenses under 100$ (ended up buying 1 extra 25$ asset from the store)

Although the original plan had a few screens/buttons/switches to interact with, it was kind of lame so I decided to go full movie/experience with no interaction.

Things that went well:

After Oculus Unity plugin is setup, everything is very straightforward. Using Cinema Director helped a bit, but I still don't know how not to make it ruin my starting scene all the time. I'd say it's still a net positive, anyway.

I could come up with a small scenario rather quick with the assets I already had. Most of what you see come from a single asset from the store : Scifi Level Kit. I modeled "Roger" myself in about 5 minutes and mapped him on existing Scifi Level Toolkit textures.

I had fun "adlibbing" Roger's dialogues.

Things that didn't:

Initial Unity Oculus integration was a bit wonky. That the OVRPlugin and OVRUtilities are separate and not that straightforward to install cost me a tiny bit of time. Nothing major, though.

As soon as I imported that final asset I had to buy, everything slowed to a crawl. Build times, run times, frame rate, everything. Unity would eat up 100% of my physical memory and 3-4 gigs of virtual memory. So I had to close everything but Unity at all times, and even then, everything was slow. This really impeded development after those initial 2 days, and told me my 7-8 years-old machine with 4 gigs of RAM just wasn't cutting it anymore.