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Final Shift VR

Thawed out of cryo after who knows how long, your biological brain is required for one final shift. · By Exequor Studios

Details on the making of Final Shift VR Sticky

A topic by Exequor Studios created Apr 30, 2016 Views: 211
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Hey! Just a few notes about how the game was made.

It was basically a weekend, gamejam-type project (without being associated with a game jam). I've put the following rules for me to follow:

  • Must use VR.
  • Must use Unity.
  • Should be done within 3-4 days (in the end, with beta-testing and corrections and improvements, it took more like 5).
  • Should be entirely doable by myself.
  • Should maximize the use of asset store items I had already bought and never used.
  • Keep any extra expenses under 100$ (ended up buying 1 extra 25$ asset from the store)

Although the original plan had a few screens/buttons/switches to interact with, it was kind of lame so I decided to go full movie/experience with no interaction.

Things that went well:

After Oculus Unity plugin is setup, everything is very straightforward. Using Cinema Director helped a bit, but I still don't know how not to make it ruin my starting scene all the time. I'd say it's still a net positive, anyway.

I could come up with a small scenario rather quick with the assets I already had. Most of what you see come from a single asset from the store : Scifi Level Kit. I modeled "Roger" myself in about 5 minutes and mapped him on existing Scifi Level Toolkit textures.

I had fun "adlibbing" Roger's dialogues.

Things that didn't:

Initial Unity Oculus integration was a bit wonky. That the OVRPlugin and OVRUtilities are separate and not that straightforward to install cost me a tiny bit of time. Nothing major, though.

As soon as I imported that final asset I had to buy, everything slowed to a crawl. Build times, run times, frame rate, everything. Unity would eat up 100% of my physical memory and 3-4 gigs of virtual memory. So I had to close everything but Unity at all times, and even then, everything was slow. This really impeded development after those initial 2 days, and told me my 7-8 years-old machine with 4 gigs of RAM just wasn't cutting it anymore.