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Game community page questions

A topic by Nikola Bulj created Aug 13, 2016 Views: 262 Replies: 1
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Hey, first post so please don't be angry if I'm posting this to the wrong place.

I was planning to set up a community page for one of my games, because I really liked the idea to have small "forums" on a dedicated page for collecting feedback, posting update news and so on... and expected to see a button or even a tab on my game page... but instead there's button + several topics showing right there at the very bottom.

Is there an option that I don't know about to set the number of topics to show on the store page (to 0 for an example)? How many is supposed to show on default? Is it a fixed number or is there a time-limited cut off? Will there be an option to have 2 tabs like game/community on the top of the page in the future?



Hey Nikola, welcome to :) no angry folks here, don't worry.

You're right! It'd be really nice to be able to do that: I've opened an issue on our GitHub issue tracker for that:

As for tabs, technically there's already two pages, for example:

Showing them as tabs from the game page would require some design changes, but we're looking into game page design changes already, so it's not out of the question :)