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Sandboxing bugs

A topic by eigenbom created Aug 13, 2016 Views: 346 Replies: 5
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Sorry if these have been addressed but I couldn't find a forum search function.

I enabled sandboxing and am having some trouble getting my game to boot. Process Monitor shows that the app can open and load lots of files but then gets an ACCESS DENIED after a certain number of files have been loaded. There is nothing special about the file, it's like all the others in terms of permissions, etc., so I'm not sure exactly what's happening. Sometimes it'll get access denied for a different file.

OS is Windows 10. Turning off Windows Defender doesn't change anything. Manually setting permissions doesn't help. Setting permissions of itch games folder to give access to itch-player and then uninstall->reinstall of game doesn't help.

One weird thing is that *after* running the game from within itch/sandbox, there are big red Deny ticks in the permissions for the executable (although it still seems to be able to read quite a few of those files.)

Also one other bug: Changing install locations and then clicking 'reinstall' doesn't install the game to the new location. Have to uninstall and the install for that to occur.


That sounds like a game bug, as the sandbox is doing what it should be doing, ie.:

  • Granting permissions to itch-player before launch
  • Launching as itch-player
  • Denying permissions afterwards
I have a theory though: if the launcher exits, itch considers the game to have quit and will start denying permissions - that would explain why the game fails to load halfway through. If the launcher (resolution picker) would exec instead of fork, that would probably fix it! I'm not sure what your engine code looks like :)

Alternatively, it could fork, but then close the window and wait for the game to be finished before it exit()s.

ah ok,the launcher explanation sounds legit, thx dude. Shouldn't be too hard to keep the launcher active to get around this issue.

So ... does this mean itch doesn't show "running.." after the launcher exits? (will check this tomorrow)

So ... does this mean itch doesn't show "running.." after the launcher exits? (will check this tomorrow)

Yup, that would've been the case! Looks like you already fixed it though :) (was going to take a screenshot, but it works great now!)

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(The re-install to another location thing is separate, I'm not really happy with how reinstall works right now, I might change it in a later version.)

(Also, about searching for issues: is where most of the issues with the itch app are discussed! But this place is good too)

Ok I patched the launcher to hide itself and only quit after the game has closed. It seems to work fine in the sandbox now. Thx!