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A Beautiful Ride to Carlisle

A gentle, romantic story of two girls meeting on the train. · By Little Viktoria


A topic by Thrawn created 79 days ago Views: 79 Replies: 3
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I just finished "A beautiful Ride to Carlisle" a few minutes ago, and it's pretty short. But it is sweet, wholesome Yuri! It has a kind of... mh, how to say this in English... A serene but at the same time cheerful atmosphere. Lovely.

I also like just how the two girls talk to and gently interact with each other, it's pure bliss to read through this little gem of a kinetic novel. 

For fans of sweet, warmhearted Yuri, this is basically a no-brainer.

Actually, I'd buy a 2nd part of this anytime! :) Due to the limited length of the VN, it was clear you couldn't go too deep with character development, and yet, even with such little playtime, the two of them are already so interesting! Would love to see more of them!

I wholeheartedly agree !


Thank you, Thrawn! I'm smiling so much reading your review ^^

I'd love to make more visual novels; in fact I'm considering starting the next one right away while the skills are fresh in my mind.

I think there will be a continuation of Dana and Sharon's story at some point. I won't rush into it, I'll let the story develop in my mind. It's a slow and gentle game, and I wrote the story for it many years ago. I never thought it would become a visual novel!

So this was your first VN after all? Hm, I've heard your name before though... but now I'm not sure in which context, if it wasn't visual novels. Anyway, for your first VN, this was clearly of above-average quality, at least in my opinion. Especially how you build up the atmosphere and the character relations, in such a very relatable way.

I'm looking forward to your coming works, even if it takes you a while to complete them! :)