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Dark Paladin X

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Thank you!

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Hi Viktoria.

Of course, I would be happy to give you a little constructive feedback. I will do so during this weekend.

Congratulations on your first VN, may it be the first of many.

I wholeheartedly agree !

First of all, a disclaimer: I consider myself a fan of Viktoria (I've been following her work since she began posting it at DeviantArt)

Now, the VN is a "kinetic" one, meaning there are no decisions to be made, nor alternate paths to read/enjoy.

The art is really simple and nicely drawn, as you can appreciate in the screenshots. 

The story is also really simple, but fluid, well written and lovely to read. I must say that I would like to see more of  Dana's and Sharon's relationship.

On a technical level, being her firtst product of this nature, it's a little rough around the edges, even considering that Visual Novela are a relatively simple producs by nature. I suppose that when she gets more confortable with the VN Engine (Ren'Py) she can achieve better results.

The music is also lovely, and suits the story quite well.

I had the chance of applying to a 40% disccount, but decided against it. I made the right choice for I believe 5 USD is a  reasonable price to pay for this product. 

 I hope to read more of her stories and enjoy more of her simple but beatiful art in the years to come.

Score: 4/5