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Wow, just... wow!

I reaaally loved this VN! The first impression I got of Hong Kong - not sure whether to call it "fake" or not - was from the dystopian cyberpunk game "Deus Ex" (the first one). And I loved that. But that's not all.

Now, I know a lot of big cities almost all over the world (US, several EU countries, several Asian countries), but coming from a small, rural town, I disliked all of them - with one exception. And that's Hong Kong, that I had the opportunity to visit back in 2011, together with a former colleague of mine who grew up in the city (he was a great guide, so many awesome experiences!).

The fear of and worries about the handover were already present vividly back then, when talking to some of the locals, but I wasn't aware that it was already on peoples' minds this far back.

I'm left to wonder what it really was like back in 1986 though, because back then, I was just a little kid... But anyway, I remember Hong Kong as the one and only big city I ever managed to actually really like, even if it was the Hong Kong from 2011, and not from 1986.

I truly wish the city and its people all the best!

Now, finally, about the VN: Good story, very good characters, absolutely gorgeous graphics (so many CGs!), and a great soundtrack! Plus, that "neon" feel. As for the story, I made all my choices by gut feeling, but it seems I got the perfect ending right there! :)

Loved every bit of it! Easily in the top 5, likely in the top 3 of all Yuri VNs I've ever playread, and that's a lot of VNs.

Thank you so much for this, you did an awesome job!

Mh ok, thanks for letting me know. Might be helpful for giving advice in the future. I'm more used to RedHat/CentOS Linux and BSD UNIX (plus a little bit of Debian, and very little Ubuntu Linux), so I have just never tried/encountered this. Also, I'm just used to launching shell scripts from the command line, so the idea that somebody might try to launch an .sh script from the graphical user interface never even occurred to me.

If it's like that, then I think this is an issue that should be addressed within the Ren'Py build toolchain... I wonder if one should submit a feature request about that or something. Like, something similar to the .exe wrapper Ren'Py uses for its MS Windows releases may be helpful. There are quite a lot of Ubuntu Linux users after all. And maybe you guys are more accustomed to doing things on the GUI rather than on the command line? In that case, a small binary program might be better than the shell script we have now.

I mean, they didn't do a .bat or .ps script for Windows either...

It's fine, I can understand that, as similar things have happened to me three times already (as I was a cat owner myself)... guess I'm getting old by now.

So those stability issues are to be expected then, I assume.

I'm patient, so I guess I'll just check back in a few months or so. I really like the dynamic between Anna and Alice, just the thing I like, so I'd really love to try playing their route. :)

Thank you for your work!

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I'm just trying to do Alice × Anna, but it appears to be riddled with crashes...

So I tried this:

Alright, the first sparring works out, but then, the hangout only proceeds to this screen:

This has been done using "Rollback". If I click once, this happens:

So, I tried doing just hangouts, but in reverse (Alice × Anna instead of Anna × Alice). No good either, because:

So, uhm.. This is probably rather broken? Or does this specific route just not work?

Just out of curiosity: What Linux distribution (and version) are you on?

Should be the same thing, yes. In that case, ToomanyIDs is probably right, and its a file association problem.

If you still feel like pursuing this (I'd be curious), what if you open a terminal window, navigate to where the game is installed (e.g. $ cd "~/Games/DoraKone/" or something), and try to run in from there: $ ./ That's essentially also what ToomanyIDs suggested.

Usually, on modern Linux distros, you can find the terminal by just searching for an application named "Terminal". Or browse through your start menu - if you still have one.

If you don't wanna try that (because too much work), it's also fine. :)

Ren'Py games are often ill-packaged for Linux. Especially when they come as .zip archives. Reason is that ZIP doesn't preserve POSIX permissions (like "this file is executable"). Some Linux systems will set the proper permissions automatically for certain file types (like the .sh script) when unpacking, while others sadly will not.

And that's why you were asked to "open that .sh file with a program". Because the executable flag was not set, so it couldn't just run it. With that being the case, the system wouldn't know what to do with the file (Just like when you rename an .exe file under Windows to something else, like .bin. Can't run the program anymore like that, because ".bin" isn't known).

In such cases, you'll have to do this manually. Like this, when sitting in the game folder:

$ chmod u+x ./lib/linux-i686/DoraKone ./lib/linux-linux-x86_64/DoraKone ./

That sets the proper permissions on the launcher script and the binaries for both 32-bit as well as 64-bit x86 systems. Afterwards, just launch it like this from your command line terminal, while still sitting in the game folder (or launch it from your file manager by double-clicking):

$ ./

I find it strange, that Ren'Py games are often packaged in a way, that requires some slightly more in-depth knowledge about POSIX (UNIX/Linux) systems to make them work there. I mean, if it would be packaged as .tar.gz/ with the permissions preserved properly, such things would never happen...

I assume that is a fault within the Ren'Py development environment itself? Because I've seen this issue a lot. Like really, a LOT.

Downloaded it, playread it, and awww, this was so sweet, fluffy, cute and most of all: warm-hearted! So I came back to give you some cash for it, because - despite it being relatively short - I absolutely loved it!

Also, the art looks very simple, but is somehow just pleasant to look at.

Just went through the art collection and the prologue comic before writing this comment. Beautiful!

This is exactly the kind of stuff I need in my life, so thank you for making this! :)

Just re-played the demo in this latest version. Everything looks good, from characters to background art to script. I'm really looking forward to the release!

Aaand now it's 2020. Soo.. uhm.. has there been progress, and is this going to be finished, or is it abandoned?


Mh, this was pretty good. I especially loved the part where our protagonists' feelings started getting serious. Good stuff.

Thank you!

I'm currently playreading through all my Yuri game jam 2019 picks, including this one. Despite the simple artwork, I kinda like it. Is there any kind of ETA on a final version?


The baking is pretty unintuitive though (I just came here with the same issue). I think there should be some marker on every ingredient selected, so it becomes visually clear what I picked.

Otherwise, if I select something wrong, there is no way to clearly de-select that ingredient?

I think that part could've been done a little better.

Other than that it was pretty sweet. :)

Ah, I see. I guess I'll try and compare the audio on my XP x64 and my Win10 x64 box just to see what kind of difference it makes.

Thanks! :)

Yuri and Cyberpunk? No way I'm gonna skip this, heading over to KS after writing this comment. :)

The art is.. hmm, peculiar. Looks very hand-drawn, both backgrounds and characters. Have only run the demo briefly so far though.

Just one thing: Packaging the game as a .zip file doesn't preserve POSIX permissions. So the game cannot be run as-is on Linux. You have to change the permissions on a few files in the game folders after unpacking:

$ chmod u+x ./lib/linux-x86_64/Synergia ./lib/linux-i686/Synergia
$ chmod u+x ./

After the change, the game can be launched both on 32-bit and 64-bit machines: $ ./

Packaging it as .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 would fix that issue, but I guess that's a bit more inconvenient for Windows users.

I think Ren'Py should support packaging the game for each platform individually though? If true, maybe that'd do the job (Making a .zip for Windows, and something like a .tar.gz for Linux).

Anyway, it's not a big deal, just wanted to mention it. ;)

Alright, time to back that VN! :)

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I know nobody will care, and some of those who don't might still insult me for saying this, but...

As long as you rename MGI_Data\Plugins\AudioPluginDearVR.dll to something else (with a suffix different from .dll) or just delete it, this game even works on Windows XP Pro x64 Edition (without VR, obviously). Quite amazing, considering that its system requirements are "Windows 10" in regard to the OS, at least on Steam.

But hey, it's compiled for NT 5.2 64-bit (XP x64, Server 2003 x64), so the platform toolset is likely v140_xp or v141_xp, and it even offers a Direct3D 9.0c renderer (although... Why not go with OpenGL? Version 4.5 is available on XP x64 with the last nVidia drivers, and it can do much more than D3D9 can).

But anyway, I'm quite surprised. Your platform compatibility is pretty amazing, even if you might not even know it yourself. ;)

Also, I welcome your choice to exclude DRM. I could download this game on Steam on Windows 10 x64, then copy it over to XP x64 and just play it there after renaming said DLL. No SteamStub DRM, no Steam API DRM. Awesome!

So, just for that, I'll definitely buy the full version once available (or maybe even an earlier instance).

Thanks! :)

PS.: How/where can I send you a crash dump? If you're interested, I can send you one with the stock version of the game, so with MGI_Data\Plugins\AudioPluginDearVR.dll still in place.

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Alright, I just completed... ehm... I think it was 5 endings.

Let's sum this up rather quickly, now shall we?

1.) How in the world is my own player character - Dulce - so cute? Expecially her smile? It's f*****g killing me every time I play! Heck, I wanna romance myself actually!

2.) How the hell can the artwork be this good for a free visual novel? I mean, it beats quite a few commerical VNs hands-down... I would have paid for this! (Wait... can I? Somehow? Not sure if possible on when the basic price is 0...)

3.) I wanna catch dragons now.

4.) After thinking about it while writing this, I would guess that this VN is worth about 5€, maybe even more. I guess I would've bought it for 10€ even. Considering that: I want more Yuri VNs from you guys. And take my money for them to make even more afterwards!

Thanks for your reply!

I set myself an alarm for end of August, I'll check back then! :)

Alright, I just completed the demo version. Or at least one branch of it. Much better than I expected, especially the artwork (both character art as well as backgrounds).

There is only one question left: Final version, when??

(2 edits)

Yes, it does work. The presence of a shell script launcher ("Eldritch") and the 32 & 64 bit linux library folders in lib/ already indicate that. I tried it on Debian 8 x64 Linux just now, and the game does work, as long as the user knows how to make it launch. ;)

Since you're distributing the game in a non-POSIX compliant way (.zip archives), POSIX permissions aren't preserved. So, to make the game work, you have to enter the game directory and make the game binary and its launcher script executable first (here, I'm doing that for both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions):

$ chmod +x ./Eldritch\
$ chmod +x ./lib/linux-x86_64/Eldritch\ Academy
$ chmod +x ./lib/linux-i686/Eldritch\ Academy

After that, it can be launched like this from within the main game directory:

$ ./Eldritch\

I just didn't pay enough attention at first, which is how I missed the fact that your game already supports Linux, my apologies for that!

I have no experience with the Ren'Py builder myself, but to make the game work on Linux out of the box, the builder would need to package the files in a POSIX-compliant .tar.gz, .tar.bz2, .tar.xz or similar archive and set the executable permissions for you.

But it's no big deal, as most Linux users are likely to figure such things out by themselves anyway.

So, I'm off to playread Eldritch Academy! :)

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I see, that would be Eldritch Academy, right? Hmm, looks interesting enough, I think I'm going to buy it! :)

About Android: To be honest, I only played it on my phone for a short while. You see, my main workstations' monitor is a 30" screen, and that's just so much better for playreading visual novels... And on top of that, I got a kinda jury-rigged 80" home cinema as well, which is even more suited for this kind of thing...

I still like the idea though, because I think that games and/or visual novels or just any kind of software should support as many platforms as possible. :) By the way, where's the Linux support? If you can build for Mac and Android, Linux should be doable as well, right? Just asking, because aside from FreeBSD UNIX, I'm only using Android, Windows and Linux... So Linux support would be welcome!

Edit: Ah, wait? Are the Linux versions included in the "PC" releases? Uh, if so, I've overlooked that, my apologies!

If you're going to make it this cheap, I'll just get multiple copies to give away to some friends! :)

I'm excited to see that there won't be any delays either (even if I don't mind it too much if there are any)!

Time to set an alarm for the 25th...

Alright, that's pretty soon!

I'm looking forward to it! :)

This is the first time I've played a VN without any character art whatsoever. At first I thought "ugh, this is just too cheap", but in essence, even with background art and music being there, it works more like reading a book. As in, your mind will simply create the characters or their looks for you in your head while reading. I'm surprised that the lack of portraits didn't bother me too much in the end. It still just kinda works.

Also, I do like the girls, they're pretty interesting.

Haven't played all routes yet, but I think it's safe to say: Not so bad after all. :)

Ah, and this is also the first VN ever which I found to be available as an .apk file for Android. Also tested it briefly on my Blackberry KeyOne using Android 8.1, and yep, it works fine! :)

Snowed IN community · Created a new topic Snowed in

This looks really interesting... Do you have any idea as to when you might be able to release it? Just roughly...

So this was your first VN after all? Hm, I've heard your name before though... but now I'm not sure in which context, if it wasn't visual novels. Anyway, for your first VN, this was clearly of above-average quality, at least in my opinion. Especially how you build up the atmosphere and the character relations, in such a very relatable way.

I'm looking forward to your coming works, even if it takes you a while to complete them! :)

Ok, I see, I think I understand this a bit better now. About the "desires" thing, that wasn't related to your game world directly. That was just an allegory in regards to a slightly similar (but not identical) concept. Or rather, what I thought to be a similar one.

Anyway, if I were to create a world (as a god), I would probably make it a tabula rasa. So in essence, everyone would truly choose their path, I would not predetermine anything for them. Becoming "good" or "evil" (or rather. something in between) would be a choice of those beings themselves, while influenced by their surroundings - so, much like our world. They wouldn't even have to have ethics, if it's not in their nature. And then I would just watch how that universe evolve without interfering (unless I get bored ;).

Anyway, on a logical level, your comparison between growing up and eating and spiritual growth makes sense (both being absolutely natural in their respective universes). Of course, if one were to artificially stop their growth or stop eating and drinking, or start hurting themselves in our world, we would consider that a mental illness as well. So I get that analogy.

I just never made that connection in my mind while playreading, especially since you depicted the "infected" as rather normal individuals. Ah, and also because Diane seemed to be a rather murderous and mad person to me at a certain point in the game.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to explain this a bit better!

(1 edit)

I just finished "A beautiful Ride to Carlisle" a few minutes ago, and it's pretty short. But it is sweet, wholesome Yuri! It has a kind of... mh, how to say this in English... A serene but at the same time cheerful atmosphere. Lovely.

I also like just how the two girls talk to and gently interact with each other, it's pure bliss to read through this little gem of a kinetic novel. 

For fans of sweet, warmhearted Yuri, this is basically a no-brainer.

Actually, I'd buy a 2nd part of this anytime! :) Due to the limited length of the VN, it was clear you couldn't go too deep with character development, and yet, even with such little playtime, the two of them are already so interesting! Would love to see more of them!

Hmm, I'm still not sure if I can grasp the nature of that world. So what if I do not want to ascend (and not descend either of course), but just to live my merry life on Earth, because I like physical things (like physical love, food, drink, a warm breeze in spring, etc.), and because I'm happy with what I have? Do I still have to be eliminated then, even if I never chose to harm anyone? You say it's not "black and white" or "good and evil", but the fact that I have to make progress by force (towards Astral and divinity) or be extinguished is pretty binary in itself. There are no other choices? Feels wrong to me. What about freedom?

So if I want to just live peacefully (and physically), I cannot, because some higher being will always murder me, no matter what I do or don't do. That's kinda... I dunno... I don't get it? So I have to become a god first, then create my own (virus-free?) world just so I can go back to square one and get myself a physical body to enjoy my skinship, meat and beer. ;) And this time, nobody will kill me, simply because I'm far too powerful?!

I just don't get this at all.

Is the virus in this now-godless world the key? If so: What *is* that virus? What is its nature? How does it infect people? When Rena and Ria come to Astral, they seemingly came from a very advanced world (she spoke about phones once?). That means humankind can't be just some mindless mob, they're a thriving high-tech civilization pursuing scientific progress, which doesn't have reaching divinity as a goal, even though it might result in such a thing at some point in time...

The whole concept is very hard to understand (and hence accept) for me. Maybe because of my cultural background, I don't know - I'm from Europe, which has a Christian background and I'd call myself a secular pantheist. Maybe I'm wrong, but parts of your concept remind me of Buddhism. Never liked Buddhism either, it eludes my value system. Like Buddhism teaches us to reach "ascension" by ridding ourselves from all desire. To me, ridding myself of desire would mean death. No desire - no fun - no life.

While Astral isn't the same, the ascension to it it has a similar concept of getting rid of a LOT to get there, even very important things. Maybe that's why I don't like it? Hm.

Ah, sorry for my ramblings, I hope this doesn't annoy you. ;)

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I just replayed parts of the VN to refresh my memory a bit so I can talk about different routes and characters.

First: !A WARNING! There are some spoilers in this first part of my post.

Second: I want a Mao route. ;) Somehow, for her character (because she is so animal/cat-like), the broken grammar even works in her favor, because it makes her more adorable. Actually, she was the first one I wanted to go for, but sadly, that wasn't possible...

Then, Diane and Honoko. Like most girls from this VN, those two should be discussed together. I liked them, because they had such a firmly intertwined past. That made it easy to imagine the rivalry between the two, which I guess has been going on for quiiite some time. Going for either of them feels a bit like a "childhood friend wins" ending (which I love by the way).

As for our "newcomers" Rena and Ria (sometimes called "Rie"?!), the right word for the two sisters would be "contrast". At first glance, one is warm and kind, the other brutal and cold. Their routes were quite short, but I liked their endings, especially Ria's. I guess I'm a sucker for her type of character, like a Kuudere spiked with a slightly more than healthy dose of jealousy and vengefulness. A character that gives you a strong shell you need to break through to get to the soft core - that's good, some people enjoy this type of person.

And what about our best friends, Iori and Nene? Hmm, to me they were the least interesting, even though Nene was quite fun (what with her teasing our girl and all that).

I guess my favorites would be Diane, Honoko and then on a very close 3rd place, Ria. So yeah, in that order. Although, depending on my mood, I might give that 3rd spot to Rena...

Alright, that covers the girls. Now as for the story... Hm. It didn't sit quite right with me. But for that, I guess I have to say:


The whole "virus" thing seems strange. Sure, humans are often brutal, but not everything physical is bad, so that's why I call this setup some kind of strange "spiritual elitism". If we take a look at how tremendously brutal both Lumen and Diane were in the past - they basically committed wide-scale mass murder, if not genocide - I can't see them as being any better than the worst regular humans would've been. One scene for instance quite graphically describes how Diane kills a crusader, fantasizing about "torturing him more".

Also, what is that so-called "virus" to begin with? In some parts it feels like the VN is trying to tell us, that "being a human is the virus itself". Because, the few humans shown in the Diane/Honoko route didn't seem infected at all. They seemed like the classic witch hunters we would imagine when thinking about a somewhat more fantastical medieval age, but nothing that seemed fundamentally wrong. Criminals maybe, from the players' point of view, yes. But clearly not more so than the magic wielders who decided to burn them to ash by the thousands (actually: tens of thousands, just to pay for one life that hadn't even been taken at that point!).

The VN goes ways to show us, how hideous and horrible regular human beings are supposed to be in this world, when compared to "pure, spiritual" ones, and that just rubbed me the wrong way, because it appeared to be too extremist for my tastes. This is especially true given the actions that the "more supreme beings" have committed before their ascension to Astral.

In my opinion, such people would probably go to the nine hells and become demons rather than gods. ;)

This went so far, that at some point I felt I should side with the normal humans, against this magic/spiritual supremacy thing, because the magic wielders seemed like the actual threat to life and safety of common people, and they seemed quite hateful too. They didn't even treat humans as intelligent, sane beings but just as things that need to be extinguished...

Astral itself (its system of ascension to godhood, and its division into several parts, the priest caste etc) was kind of well-crafted. I just don't feel right about what happened back on earth and the initial step of ascension based on the information given to me by the VN's storytelling.

Seems weirdly twisted, also the memory erasing thing. If a spiritual world like Astral erases some of my memory permanently, it feels as if it's trying to hide something very important from me. And I don't like that, as I wouldn't wanna lose even my bad memories - because they are a part of me, that shall not be taken from me. And how people just wholeheartedly agreed with the erasure didn't seem credible to me.

So that part of Astral seems a bit fishy in my opinion. If I were there myself, I would'nt want to learn more magic to ascend further, but to dissect and learn about Astral's own inner workings and true purposes first, because it didn't seem all peaches and cream to me. Almost like there are some horrors sleeping below that pretty-looking surface...

Because there was always this feeling... "Something here just isn't right".

Alright, that was a VERY long reply and a major wall of text, mostly full of subjective views and opinions, but I hope this can still help at least a little bit.

PS: I want a Mao route! ;) Mao is cutest! ;)

Too bad, as it's a lovely and adorable little Yuri adventure!

Anyway, thanks for your reply!

This turned out to be FAR better than what I thought it could be! Especially the art, writing coming in at a close 2nd. Amazing to see what people can do in such a short time. As a Yuri lover, this VN was more than a welcome gift!

Awesome work, through and through! Thank you! 

Not sure if Nero or Caesar... but anyway, please complete this VN, so you can go ahead and take my money!!

I too would like to ask: Is development still ongoing? I just completed the demo, and I want more! The Yuri is sweet, and the gameplay is fun! The pixel art is charming as well, and the music fits the game. The character art... Well, there's clearly room for improvement there, but it's passable!

Would be good to hear about an estimated time to release or any see any kind of sign of this project still being alive.

Would pay money for this, if you can make it a decent-length game!

Don't get me wrong, I didn't mean to completely discourage you or anything. I still liked some of the characters and their backstories, which kept me playing, and I think I finished all (!) of the routes after all. So I'm kinda like those people who 100% clear their plate at a restaurant and still complain about the food having been bad. ;)

Still, let me give you just two (of countless) examples when it comes to spelling, and that's Diane. I liked her route, so I found it a bit irritating that her name header - when she is saying something - would suddenly read "Diene" instead of "Diane". That's a bit much, you know?

Or one time Honoko says "I thought you would be more existed for it", when it's about their continuation of magic practice. Clearly, she meant to say something like "I thought you would be more *excited* about it". "exist" as in "to be present in this world" doesn't fit here at all.

See what I mean? And it's literally full of that, you'll get it every few lines. Had to play only for seconds to come up with those two mistakes just now.

However, if you do make another Yuri VN, I'll surely be back on board again, because I wanna see how you'll continue from here on out (and because I simply love Yuri). And I may critize again as well... Not sure if that's encouragement or a threat to you though, haha... ;)

Alright, I bought this today and started playreading it, and.... uh. Well, I'm ususally into all things Yuri, but there is a major problem with this VN: The language. It's in English, but frankly, it's so bad, it really hurts reading it. Grammar, orthography, all pretty bad.

I'm still going to go ahead and play through at least one route, but as harsh as my critizism may be, please do take it to heart; Get a proofreader who speaks native English the next time around. If you can polish the language, the whole experience will become a great deal better than it is now, believe me!

I mean, parts of the art are pretty bad as well (Characters = mspaint.exe?), but hey, it's acceptable for a cheaper Yuri VN. And those hand-drawn backgrounds even do have a real charm of their own, must've been quite a bit of work.

But the narrative, the monologues and dialogues are the soul of a visual novel - you really should get that part right!

My apologies for being so negative, but I do hope that something good can come of my feedback. I do want to see more quality Yuri VNs after all. ;)

Just out of curiosity: Are we talking lossless or lossy compression here?

Anyway, just got the VN for a few bucks as it was mentioned on [The Yuri Nation] a few days ago. :) Downloading now, and looking forward to it! :)


I'm one of the backers on KS. ;) I've just tried the demo a little (works well on CentOS 6 Linux btw.), and the visuals are really nice!

There is just one thing I have to criticize though: For the final version, please make sure to get a native English speaker to proof-read the script. There are really lots of spelling and also some grammar issues with the text. As long as you can get that fixed during development, it's really gonna be something to look forward to! :)

Thanks a lot!