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butler pushing tar.gz

A topic by eigenbom created Aug 10, 2016 Views: 287 Replies: 2
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Hey guys, just a minor thing but I can't push .tar.gz's thru butler. I've switched to .zip for now, but I see that I can manually upload a .tar.gz thru the website and it works in itch as expected. Here's the output of butler:

butler.exe push --userversion=191000 file.tar.gz user/app:linux-beta
∙ For channel `linux-beta`: pushing first build
*errors.errorString zip: not a valid zip file
C:/Go/src/runtime/asm_386.s:1585 (0x4750b1)
Failed to push build to!

Oh yeah, that feature was requested a while ago, I did clean up the code to allow for it but haven't actually gone around and implemented it.

See the following issues

Thanks Amos. I'll just use .zip.