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A topic by dustdfg created 30 days ago Views: 285 Replies: 14
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It is an interesting based on gravity one button puzzle game with many levels


Okay, but don't you have a screenshot for your post like the rules say?

I am not against adding the screenshot but I don't see such rule


Oops, my bad, I thought you were promoting your own game. Never mind, sorry.

I don't know if it's just me, but there's clearly a link to your game

The post creator is I (dustdfg) I am not escada-games but I understand you I just reported one person for a link to themselves and after that understood it is not really a link from creator. The UI is a bit misleading

now I see it is actually a different creator 😐

If you are about the fact it is placed in the end of my page? There is a collection with others cool open-source games. I promote them on my page so if someone opens my page can open one of games I like that will spread them across the people...

Just open my page and find this collection description

I see, typical games for everyone

I played the ones I marked

the best version of pixel dungeon its: Yet Another Pixel Dungeon only for android, but I also played 5 other versions that were available on the Play Store

Hey would u like to give a comment and reccomendation for my game

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I don't think it works like that, I rate the games I find using searched tags, the creators have to wait for the player to stumble upon their game by accident,

but they can promote themselves non-invasively on their other social media, at least from what I observed, when I opened the full list of rules I thought one thing (i ain't gona read alt)

because I don't create games, so I'm only interested in the rules applicable to players who don't create anything

In short, developers usually have to pray for their game to be noticed, but lately smaller developers have been supported by the community

I know but i was just struggling finding good players so i thought just to ask people about if they like my game or not or if not what can i do to improve it. I am not forcing u to recommend my game but hey have a nice day

I don't have an Android device 😥 have a nice day

There is a special thread for promoting your own games

oh damn, this is deep, self promotion moment, good to see place like this