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The cat gamer

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thank thank


still wait for mor

its funny

this game is fire!!!

thank for map!! and one question where is ventylations?


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the cash is buged, i get 1000 after evry game

more updates pls

big fatty cheesy rat, and hes super power is trowing white cubes, btw nice soundtrack

hell nah, this game is sus, the rat is so fat that game have 270 mb, and its 1 minute of game relly sussy

you need rar to im think


download java player first

damn, what I have done wrong in my life that this is the first game I will pay for, i love your work.

like im a player and i say i dont like it, and its looks like 1000 other text porn game on this site, is ordinary not rare, and its your frist game, and its not done yet, all demo should be free, from what I understand there is not even a single image of any character, it's like reading books and that's a minus for me [I'd rather just buy telenovela book with erotic elements, and not sit in front of the screen, tire my eyes and waste electricity]

your maximum is to make a map in 2d with some fucking blocks, I remember such text porn games where only a few selected options that the game gave us were clicked, and there was not even a minimap like you have, and these games were better, because they were from proven creators who They already had a few games behind them and they were not only text porn games. the game has no shocking content like gays, lesbians, trans, gore, bdsm, slaves, you only have a normal fight between female- monsters with an unbending male protagonist (BORING). if you wanted to make text pron game, you could put some symbolic graphics like in this game: . if your game is to have dialogues like this description for the game, I would not even download it for free, 

i saw the games could have 20,000 words but have an interesting description encouraging you to buy ... wait those games is free. from your miserable description I can read an old hackneyed story, written by some teenager who had just discovered pornography. not even mentioning any additional forums about the game like github or discord, the whole thing looks very poor. And i think my comment on your game has more content than your entire game

oh and for end apologies if you don't think the constructive criticism is not worth your time


i buy this game if you make option of fucking cats

no, you can play normaly on pc wsad, tab itd.

make more animated, and more colors

i think the smacking is kinda rude but ok

this is what i wana see

Nearly Dead community · Created a new topic more updates!


good game suicide simulator

wait its that tales of androgyny number 2?

i love this content, bruh i need to write a fcuking mature in next week, i cant!

i get adiction from this game

bruh 5 dollars? not funny


holy shit, dank meme game {}()pussy and penis){}{

very cringe, but ok

damn thanks

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and siting on tron giving random bonus? is it either from books or some skill? and when my teammate kill enymy i get ex or him?


ugh, i still dont know how to find and opend secret rooms


u are god

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and an options sentings, keybinds, and character change

this is not a bug, this is a cursed version, its very rare if you play this version you gona die after weak!

i have files with this game,  but im not sure its full version, you can say one think who dont have demo?