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The cat gamer

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game is cool like zero sivert, but needs more updates

game is epic should, be more guns trades, miner merchant ships is op beat evry wave of asteroids 

after reopening game card rate increase upgrade bugged

taxes in normal mode are still to big and make no sens

66% of my stock are taxes, sometimes reach even 80%

I read the description and there is actually something mentioned about it, which does not ignore the fact that this information should be in the game and best in the tutorial, If I don't know something, it's the game's fault, not mine

product prices are inconsistent, I don't know what the prices were in previous rounds, there is no graph or chart comparing the price from recent days, which is the biggest flaw in a trading game, it's like making a shooting game without guns.

even with shift and selling 1000 units at once are super slow and unplable after biger numbers

actually good one 😋


not works

eazy game easy live


yeah same problem still not fixed

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bussin, the ending is the best, true love always on board

definition of trading, easy

this game is fire

guys!? do you even read what creators write? 

  • There is a big spooky boss hidden to the far north of the map

thats a real goal for me!

oh damn, this is deep, self promotion moment, good to see place like this

I don't have an Android device 😥 have a nice day

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I don't think it works like that, I rate the games I find using searched tags, the creators have to wait for the player to stumble upon their game by accident,

but they can promote themselves non-invasively on their other social media, at least from what I observed, when I opened the full list of rules I thought one thing (i ain't gona read alt)

because I don't create games, so I'm only interested in the rules applicable to players who don't create anything

In short, developers usually have to pray for their game to be noticed, but lately smaller developers have been supported by the community

i see the steam version, but I don't see a stunning difference, like few new blocks

where i can download it then?

i played like beta, or aplha year ago, do game have many new futures? its worth playing?

just bite of your tail

the elf strategy is the best

I see, typical games for everyone

I played the ones I marked

the best version of pixel dungeon its: Yet Another Pixel Dungeon only for android, but I also played 5 other versions that were available on the Play Store

now I see it is actually a different creator 😐

I don't know if it's just me, but there's clearly a link to your game

I agree, all of these things would be useful

a maximum of 2 hours of continuous gameplay, completing all assigned tasks and not investing in plants that do not bring profit, I am sure that with my current knowledge of the game I could achieve it in an hour

these characters are simply drawn but practical, I played this uwu.el game and it really seems interesting, I hope you make a good team with someone, I felt like I was playing a real Tamagotchi ❤❤

max 2 hours of play, definitely needed an update

I have no idea how it works, but you should always get something from your game...  I'm sure you either misinterpreted the rules or got scammed

some game creators practically make their living from their adult games that they release on itch io ( or ), this website has been supporting them from the very beginning of this type of games, I know this because I was there when it started, What's more, I can say that they even glorify this type of content, their website, their rules

easy game but need update 

i would look for more

I.RULE community · Created a new topic the best
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the music, characters, the enemys, strategy, daaaaamn that game is busssin so much, love it love it, thank for update, and good to see fandom working how it should

uupdate of game lets gooooooooooooooooooo

good game, update needed, hour in game spended

good game be like

good game you know how to rule my g

MewnBase community · Created a new topic any mods?

I finished the game a long time ago, I was thinking about some mods, but these few lines of code from Steam that someone called a mod do not satisfy me

lessssssssss goooooooooo

eazy short

very monotonous game, no even the slightest attempt at optimization, I hope it will be playable when the game is released