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What is that white bar?

A topic by Tselmek created Aug 07, 2016 Views: 222 Replies: 2
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Howdy people of the Itch,

Just a simple thing I've been wondering: on my analytics page, I can look at the handy dandy graph showing the number of views but some days I get an extra white space on top of the main bar which doesn't correspond to any of my games but still impacts the number of views. For example, I might have a total of 40 views but only 38 come from my games. The same happens with downlaods. What does it correspond to?

I hope I was clear enough and thanks for your attention.


The gray chunk that can show up on top of any bar in the analytics is the number of views/downloads that are among all remaining games on your account. If a game does not receive at least 10% of that day's total amount then we squash it into the gray area.

I see, that makes it clear now. Thanks for the answer.