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A topic by Strain studios created 43 days ago Views: 327 Replies: 7
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whys and help on promoting your game

how do i promote my game

Build up an audience. Advertising 


Step 1. Have a game worth promoting.

Step 2. Do the free stuff.

Step 3. Be visible and maybe do real promotion.

I cannot tell if your games are interesting to play, but your profile is empty. The thumbnails for your 4 games are non informative. None of those looks like it would be for a game worth my time. Ok, maybe one of them. Turned out it is not the one you actually provided screenshots though.

Your game descriptions are basically non existing. My answering post is longer then the 4 descriptions for your 4 games combined.

If you have trouble making the game look interesting, maybe imagine telling a friend about a game you know. Would you use only one sentence? What screenshots would you show to your friend to make the game look interesting? What key words (tags) would you use to describe the game?

That is all free stuff. The real promotion things are variable in cost and effort and there are many threads here that ask the same question. So maybe look there for inspiration.

But you should have something you can actually direct people to. What use would it be, to have a link to your game appear somewhere, only for people to click that link and find a game with half a sentence description and a non commiting screenshot. Just look at the games you like to play, how they look and maybe imitate them in your own style.

ty so much im trying to make my game I-Live look better and yes i understand that the games are basicly non existing again Thanks

we should help promote games we play and enjoy. It's the way to help the devs that work so hard in entertaining us.

you are true legend