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Epic Adventure with Full 2D Planet · By KilledByAPixel

Gameplay Feedback Sticky

A topic by KilledByAPixel created Nov 06, 2018 Views: 466 Replies: 4
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Please post any feedback you have about the demo here. This is a huge help for me. If possible post how long it took you to beat and how many times you died. Thanks!

Emailed you but I'll post my feedback here too:

The game is soooo awesome. Especially the grappling hook. I discovered so much awesome movement already. I was able to get 8 power chips and I'm pretty sure I discovered all the debug areas, including the graveyard and your checklist. And the charging while not shooting is so smart. Took me a while to figure out but it's great. If you added a slight pushback force on the charge shot when swinging, it would add a TON more movement options too. Nothing too strong, just enough to get around a corner ledge with a well placed grapple for example. It could also boost chain swinging speed for really crazy speedrunning.

Took me like 10 minutes to get to the regular ending, would've been 0 deaths if not for the crash which made me redo the boss and die once. Explored the world with the grapple for like 20 more minutes.

Where's the auto-aim for keyboard and mouse? (while I do have a game-pad, the game simply refuses to respond to it, even though every other game treats it as xbox360 compatible)


Up until very recently I was 100% focused on getting the game ready to show at a convention, so currently the controller is much more polished then keyboard/mouse, though it is still playable with either.  (If you do use keyboard, spin dash is on shift)

Recently I switched input libraries to xinput to get rumble and some other nice features. Unfortunately it broke support for any non xbox360 controller. I have a few ideas on how to fix that, but it's lower priority right now since the game is over a year out from release.


I've made some improvements to the mouse/keyboard stuff. The in game control text now changes depending on if you are using a gamepad or mouse. Also there is generous auto aim with the mouse, though it works a bit different then the gamepad due to the nature of the device.