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Emailed you but I'll post my feedback here too:

The game is soooo awesome. Especially the grappling hook. I discovered so much awesome movement already. I was able to get 8 power chips and I'm pretty sure I discovered all the debug areas, including the graveyard and your checklist. And the charging while not shooting is so smart. Took me a while to figure out but it's great. If you added a slight pushback force on the charge shot when swinging, it would add a TON more movement options too. Nothing too strong, just enough to get around a corner ledge with a well placed grapple for example. It could also boost chain swinging speed for really crazy speedrunning.

Took me like 10 minutes to get to the regular ending, would've been 0 deaths if not for the crash which made me redo the boss and die once. Explored the world with the grapple for like 20 more minutes.

Really cool concept. Loose platforming controls made it a bit for frustrating than it had to be, but the tradeoff was it made you really pay attention to the level design and plan a route.

Zhaoyi might have put them in... 

Not sure why I only just played this - suchhh a nice combination of mechanics with the grass and the platforms

Thanks for the video!

Woot good to see you're jumping back into the jam!

Also here's something I wrote up a while ago for making a high-quality timelapse on Windows, which is way harder than it needs to be:

Which browser/operating system?