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Really nice controls! It would be cool to have an opacity option too (e.g. all black on all white at 50% opacity would result in the middle dot pattern)

I can try to make one using the export option in Unity, but I don't have much experience with Linux support so if it doesn't work properly, we wouldn't be able to fix it. We definitely wouldn't list a Linux version on Steam, but maybe a download on itch would be okay. I'll try it out soon and let you know when I upload a build here!

Thanks! I loooooove Nicky Case so that's huge compliment :D

Emailed you but I'll post my feedback here too:

The game is soooo awesome. Especially the grappling hook. I discovered so much awesome movement already. I was able to get 8 power chips and I'm pretty sure I discovered all the debug areas, including the graveyard and your checklist. And the charging while not shooting is so smart. Took me a while to figure out but it's great. If you added a slight pushback force on the charge shot when swinging, it would add a TON more movement options too. Nothing too strong, just enough to get around a corner ledge with a well placed grapple for example. It could also boost chain swinging speed for really crazy speedrunning.

Took me like 10 minutes to get to the regular ending, would've been 0 deaths if not for the crash which made me redo the boss and die once. Explored the world with the grapple for like 20 more minutes.

Really cool concept. Loose platforming controls made it a bit for frustrating than it had to be, but the tradeoff was it made you really pay attention to the level design and plan a route.

Zhaoyi might have put them in... 

Not sure why I only just played this - suchhh a nice combination of mechanics with the grass and the platforms

Thanks for the video!

Ah yeah so the way keyboard controls are set up now is pretty weird - we will definitely have full control rebinding later so it makes more sense. But right now the controls are hardcoded, and you can check the README file in the game directory to see the exact controls (Show Manual when launching in Steam).

There are 4 sets of keyboard controls spread out across the keyboard, so theoretically you could play 4 players on 1 keyboard, but it gets really tight. Each control set has its own Start button (WASD is Left Ctrl, IJKL is Right Shift, etc) which is why you needed I/K to navigate the pause menu when you used Right Shift.

Good catch on Enter pausing the results screen effects! Added to our list. Thanks for the feedback :D

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Hey everyone! Welcome to the Clash Cup Turbo BETA - your very first chance to get your hands on the game outside of a playtest at a convention or festival.

Clash Cup Turbo Team
@RedCactusM - Mike Odum - Artist/Designer
@foolmoron - Momin Khan - Programmer/Designer (that's me!)

Feel free to buy extra copies for your friends, but we want to keep things limited to our mailing list for now. We will open up the beta to everyone soon if this first release goes well :D

The goal of the beta is to iron out the last few bugs we have in the game, and test the balance of our final modes as well as the networked online mode when those features get rolled out over the next few months.  We are super grateful for your interest in Clash Cup Turbo and your help in getting us past the finish line. We seriously can't do this without you!

How to help

  • Start a new thread if you find a bug and make sure to mark it as a Windows Bug or Mac Bug, and provide as much detail as possible (game version, OS version, CPU, GPU, screen resolution, steps to reproduce, screenshots if possible, etc) so we can help you out
  • Feedback on gameplay and design is also much appreciated, especially with mechanics or UI elements that seem unclear and confusing
  • Just play the game! There are analytics that tell us what's working and what's not working

I will make a new post here for every update we push (both to itch and steam). So without further ado, here's our first push!

1/11/19 Public Beta 0.6.1

  • Final polished art and animations on many levels and characters
  • Tonsssss of behind-the-scenes improvements and bug fixes
  • Turbo abilities completely implemented
  • Improved dramatic music and camera
  • Improved gameplay effects in general
  • AI improved with customizable difficulty modes
  • Foundation laid for online multiplayer (beta coming in a few weeks!)

1/3/19 MAGFest notice

We are currently at MAGFest! After we're done we will be updating Clash Cup Turbo to the latest version, which will include an ONLINE MULTIPLAYER TEST! If you buy the game now, you will have access to that and all future updates automatically! 

1/17/18 Beta 0.1.1

  • Our very first BETA release, with a huge amount of features that are already done or nearly-done!
  • Local Multiplayer (2-4)
  • Single Player Cup Mode
  • Single Player Training Mode
  • 18 Unique Stages
  • 8 Playable Characters
  • 3 Game Modes (Regulation, Elimination, Multipuck)
  • Basic CPU AI Characters
  • Many fixes since the MAGFest build
    • Updated SFX from our indomitable sound designer
    • Intense music transition for the match point
    • Improved Turbo move effects for TeeVee, Nebula, Android, Golem
    • Better balance on all 3 Training modes
    • Added saving Cup and Training progress/highscores
    • Added basic analytics
    • Added version text

Woot good to see you're jumping back into the jam!

Also here's something I wrote up a while ago for making a high-quality timelapse on Windows, which is way harder than it needs to be:

Which browser/operating system?