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How to add rate game tab.

A topic by jacobmesa created Jul 26, 2016 Views: 531 Replies: 4
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when I look at my game page I don't see an option to rate this game. Also I don't see the ability to rate some other games. Is this a feature you have to turn on?


It's enabled by default. Most developers leave it on, but it is possible to turn it off. If rating are enabled there will be a button on the top right of the game page to rate. If you post the link to a game here I can take a look for you.

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Thanks buddy

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Ratings are enabled on that game, you can find it on the top right, below your username:

Ok, Maybe I just don't see it because it is my page and I'm logged in. Strange, I thought I logged out and didn't see. Anyways, thanks! I wasn't sure.