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Thank you. Maybe I'll get around to part two.

This is really Great! Love the music. I'm going to share this with my niece. 

Hey bud I added a Mac build. When I tested it, it ran kind of slow but I don't have a Mac so Not sure if I can fix that. Hopefully you won't have problems.  Enjoy!

In the mean time you could check out one of my other games. They are both web based so no problem getting them to work. I will try to get a Mac build uploaded this weekend.

ok bud, ill try to make a Mac build

I just uploaded a new game that I finished the first part of. Perhaps you will like it better? 

Sorry that was kind of the point. Life is hard as a cleaning person and more often it is about surviving and not winning. For many of the working class there is no way out or way to improve their situation. They are stuck in a endless loop of living paycheck to paycheck or falling completely into poverty. Sadly some games can not be won with no help from others.

Thank you for playing and your thoughts.

Ok, Maybe I just don't see it because it is my page and I'm logged in. Strange, I thought I logged out and didn't see. Anyways, thanks! I wasn't sure.

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Thanks buddy

when I look at my game page I don't see an option to rate this game. Also I don't see the ability to rate some other games. Is this a feature you have to turn on?

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Just a few fixes, slight improvements, and wind chimes! This is the final build. Thanks to the people who gave me feedback so I could work out the little kinks. And please let me know if there is any issues.

Thank you and enjoy.

thanks and you are quite right. I explored that at one point but it wasn't working the way I wanted it to. I may go back and try it again.