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64 bits version?

A topic by CdriX created Nov 03, 2018 Views: 286 Replies: 7
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No 64bits version for windows ?

I honestly don't know why you would need it, it works fine on mine and I'm on 64 bit windows...

impossible to start the game on 32 bits ... :(


Hi CdriX,

What version of windows are you running? Windows 10? I am not aware of a version of windows that cannot run 32 bit. Do you get an error when you try to run the game? If so, could you post what the error message is?

Thank you!

Hi, windows 10 64 bit. When I launch the game, no error message, no launching.

I can only imagine it being  his  graphics or processing power honestly. :B

I can play at Fallout 76 or Fortnite or others games with high graphics settings ... so... :-)
No problem, if I have this problem, others players will have also this problem in future ;)

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Have you tried reinstalling the game? all I can think of is something went wrong with the download procedure, unless of course the game relies on some Net Framework that a user needs installed on, but usually a game that does would warn the user...

Another reason could possibly be there is some incompatibilities  with a fresh install that people who already installed the game before a certain update don't get, one of us would probably have to reinstall windows to test that theory though... xD