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I see your user report. The save files should be under:

/Users/[yourUsername]/Library/Application Support/com.Company.ProductName/savegames/

So "com.Company.ProductName"  is supposed to be Bad Optics/Catadel but I might have not specified that correctly in the build so it might just be under a folder literally called "com.Company.ProductName". 

You can check which save is the one you want from the load save dialog (it shows the name of the save folder there). Zipping up the save and sharing it to me via google drive is probably the easiest way. I'm working on adding a way to upload your save with the user reporting dialog in a future update.

Please let me know if you run into any issues/have any questions. I would really like to see the save!

Thank you for the report! Do you still have the save file where the camera Stuck? I would like to have it to help with debugging.

I did! Sorry I didn't get a chance to respond yet. I will look into this. Seems like something definitely reduced the framerate. Hopefully it's not the hats XD

Thank you for this! It's very helpful. According to your computer rating (which is a 6.06), the recommended Quality setting should be "Good" for your set up (I'm adding some "recommended" text to the graphics settings in the next update). Could you try setting the quality to "Good" and let me know what the FPS difference is between 0.5.r19 and 0.6.r21? Thank you so much for doing this. It's super good data

If you press Ctrl + R, a green FPS counter will show up in the upper right corner. Can you run an old build (and tell me the build number) and tell me what FPS that has versus the newest build on your machine? That way I can pin point it to be caused by a change between 2 ranges. Thank you!

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  • Perf -- I'll look into it. Is there a particular time / place when the perf gets bad or is it across the board? (Ex: perf during combat? Perf on level 2?) Also, I assume you're talking about FPS?
  • Farmer skill -- Okay I am fixing it so you have to accept before the skill is chosen. The farmer should get extra abilities depending on which skill you chose (but if it's the Brewer skill, it's only one extra ability ATM which is the Tavern)
  • Market Place floor tile - Oops, I forgot to fix this last time. Will fix in next patch
  • Character creator - I actually have a scene that will do this right now. Might not be too bad to add one in, though I'm trying to figure out how to set the created characters starting stats without it being too OP lol
  • Load button from the esc menu? I'll see if I can work one in.
  • Level 2 enemies -- Yeah I keep pruning them down over time. (the pack of 5 boars from the original release is gone at least haha) I'll prune some more.
  • Gatherer skill -- I might make some of the items stack higher. I feel like 6 wood is a pretty large stack -- at least visually. I'd like to fix the "one item left behind because some villager decided they wanted to pick that up instead" bug and see if that makes things better. But I've also toyed around with the idea of maybe having a profession talent to make that cat and their apprentices be able to carry more. It's on a bucket list in my head somewhere lol
  • Music -- I actually got a composer to create original music but he's been busy with his other work so new songs will take a little while longer. The music right now is temp stuff I got from an asset pack. 

Thanks again for the feedback as always!

Omg that empty level 1 is hilariously scary. I'm working on a number of scene loading bugs so hopefully that'll fix it when those changes come out.

  • Small houses -- I am going to make them a little faster to build and see if that makes them more interesting. From a pure gameplay perspective, they seem to not be useful, but I've seen a number of players use them. I think I'll need to do a poll to figure out what the audience is like for this game. If there's a significant number of people who like to just build villages, then having building variety will be more important. I do want to add the ability to upgrade houses and like a mansion in the future.
  • Able to build storage directly against a building -- I'll see what I can do.
  • Buildings not collide-able if not built -- I made a fix that teleports people out if you put a building on top of them. Hopefully that fixes the people being stuck problem. 
  • There's already a tavern that can be placed by the farmer, but it's probably confusing to find it. Two big buildings merging -- maaaaybe. There's some technical questions involved -- like how they need to be oriented for them to be valid to merge, etc. It's easier to just make the player put down a bigger one, but that costs resources to tear down and build back up, which players might be reluctant to do. I'll need to think some more.
  • Walls are something I would like to add. I need to fix up the road tool to be better because walls would use the same tech and right now the road tool is just not easy to use
  • Mining -- I need to design this one more. Mining rocks in the world is easy, deforming terrain would take a lot of time to implement. Mining into the side of a mountain ... maybe? 

Thank you for continuing to offer suggestions/bug reports!!

Thank you for the report. Roads definitely need some more work. it’s on my long list of to-dos ...

Thank you! I’m sorry it took me so long to reply. Leandra’s got a new skin coming soon.

The doors are actually just navmesh links at the moment. I am using the unity experimental navigation stuff. More info here:

Fixed the fog save load. Thanks for reporting it!

Town popularity — yeah maybe it takes up more room than it needs to. I’ll tinker with it.

Instantly select all attack type units — hmmm maybe I can add a button or hotkey. I’ll check how other games do it.

Thank you again for the feedback! Really sorry about how long it took to get back to you


There should be 3 levels total in the latest build 0.5.r16. Are you not able to access level 3 after completing level 2?

Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry! We’ll try to post at least an informational post in the future if we go a long time without pushing a new build. Thanks for sticking with us!

Thanks for this info! What version of Mac OS are you running? Also what's your hardware spec (macbook air? mac mini?) and year? I'll try to find a similar machine and see if I can repro it there. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi CdriX,

What version of windows are you running? Windows 10? I am not aware of a version of windows that cannot run 32 bit. Do you get an error when you try to run the game? If so, could you post what the error message is?

Thank you!

Thank you for the feedback! I found some bugs with the farmer that made the food grow slower than intended. I also made food grow a little faster in general in the latest version. You can buy food from the market if you have gold -- although I know gold is a bit hard to come by. I've also made the town application process check that there is enough food before a new citizen will join. This is to give some feedback about how many people your town can support. 

lol trust me, it won't be "perfect" for quite awhile XD. (also games almost are never perfect, they just happen to be fine for 99% of the audience). It's an unfortunate reality for game development T_T -- also every new thing I add has a chance to introduce more bugs, so yay.

By chest glitch, I assume you mean they get stuck on each other near chests because they keep walking into each other? Yeah that one will take some multi-facited routing fixes, and I'm hoping to find the courage to do it soon. They DO route fail if they don't move a certain distance within a certain amount of time, but they move ever so slightly past that when they get stuck near the chests so I need something other than that. I also need to push characters out of the area of the storage chest so they don't just stand near it after they are done putting stuff away.

Notification of when people are attacked is on my TODO list. I'll probably do it at the same time as the mini map so you can get a minimap ping when a character enters combat. Unfortunately, I'll probably find a bunch of bugs with the combat situation code when I do that, so yay ...

There's a way to designate your own groups, so you can manually gather all knights that way. You can also double click on a knight to select all knights and squires visible on screen.

Haha I'm still debating if I want the cats to make sounds. Maybe yes to voice actors? Lemme think about it. :)

Thank you as always for reporting these bugs. It's incredibly helpful. 

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It's fine if you can't replicate it -- that probably means it's a timing issue, and those are the worst (blargh). I'd like to have the save still so I can test it on my end. I load up saves a lot, and eventually I'll catch the bug -- it's just a matter of time.

Lol I forgot the farmer could run because he's not a main character. It's technically intended, but since there's no way to get another one right now, it's pretty crappy if he does. Sorry! I'm working on designing a system to get more hero characters.

Oh no, please don't delete your past posts. I like the record T_T

The saves made using version 0.3 are supposed to be compatible with each other, so if errors are happening on load, please send me the save. Thank you!

Thanks for letting me know. I wish unity builds had line numbers ... 
Does this happen consistently in your save? If so, could you please send me your save? 

Thank you for the bug report. 

  • Bug report button being laggy - Do you mean it takes awhile for it to pop up after clicking on the button? I'll see if I can make it better, though I'm using the default thing Unity provides. Maybe it's the taking the screenshot stuff that's taking awhile.
  • Camera really floaty - do you know what your FPS is in Level 2? I would have to get your save file (under C:\Users\<your user name>\AppData\LocalLow\Bad Optics\Catadel\savegames) and load it up to see what might be causing a frame rate drop. The assets don't really have a LOD implementation because they're bought from the store. Culling depends on whether you mean occlusion or frustum. Occlusion is probably not going to get us much because we don't actually have walls and stuff (except for the buildings blocking inside of buildings, but that doesn't prevent the worst case performance of walls down anyway)
  • Camera floaty 2 - I did enable camera movement smoothing, which looks bad on low FPS setups. I need to move the camera numbers into options to players can tweak it themselves, in the worst case.
  • Choose citizen option not useable if you try to access number 1 -- Yeah I need to hide it for the first level because there's no one to choose. After you beat the a level, you can being whoever you want into it to visit, which is intentional.
  • Build tab -- Do you have a specific RTS in mind for what the UI experience would be for that? I mean, in Star Craft, I usually select my builder unit to build something, unless there's an overall build button that I'm missing?
  • Rotate building with Mouse 3 or 4 -- I plan to add some kind of a keyboard bindings UI in the future, but it's lower on the priority list
  • I put in a fix for the null ref exception.
  • People getting stuck in circles -- I stopped using the "stop distance" long ago because it didn't do what I wanted. The Unity implementation of it was really unreliable. Usually I see the issue with navmesh going stale, but people not updating their paths correctly. Sometimes it is in the middle of pathing and they get stuck on a bush, which should be a carved navmesh obstacle but somehow the game isn't treating it that way. And yes, I am using nav.isStopped = true
  • People stuck carrying stuff -- Yeah, I suspect it's a timing issue, but the reserve system should be handling it. I think it's a one frame error where it's not reserved and then we don't check again, or something. It's also specifically the case where the two cats are going for the same object, which is also crazy if it's done autonomously because the reserve should handle that too. I just need to let the game run to figure it out, but it'll probably be a full day affair, so I've been putting it off.

P.S. feel free to help with other people if you'd like. I've been heads down in the code lately, so I haven't been as active in responding. Thank you for replying to them!

Hi there, sorry it's still crashing for you. I'm trying to investigate this. I really need the full log of your crash -- the game runs on my friends' Macs so without the log, I'm at a loss. Could you please post it here? Thank you

Hi everyone, 

Please post bugs you find and feedback for the game here. I've switched to using a discussion board because the comments section was getting hard to keep track of. Your feedback is very important to me, so I want to be able to organize them well.

Thank you!

Hi again, There's a new build out that should've fixed the bug report button. I'm also thinking I'll change this comments page to be a forum instead because it'll be easier to keep track of threads like this.

Blueprint cancelling from cancelling cat action queue: I'm debating this. On one hand, it could be the Age of Empires model where placing down a building means an intent to build it and anyone can do the building. On the other hand, I can see how some people would prefer it be tied to the cat so that putting down the blueprint means you wanted that cat to build it and cancelling it means you no longer want that cat to build. I'll think about it more.

Text issues: What does the resolution say when you click on the "options" button in the main menu? is that resolution also 1920x1080? Also, are you playing the game windowed or full screen? The villager text is supposed to scale down correctly so I'm not sure what would be causing it. It shows up fine on my 1920x1080 monitor.

Errors with re-entering first level: I think I've seen this happen before but I have no idea the exact sequence of clicks I did to make it happen. Do you have to load up an old save, return to main menu, and then do a new game? Can you tell me the exact button clicks you did?

Thanks again for the bug reports/feedback!

Hi there. Sorry it's still not working for you. Could you email me the entire log?

Thanks and sorry again!

Yay new feedback! Thanks a bunch!

  •  main character backstory: Yes they have one :D There's actually a story to the campaign, but it's not built yet.
  • Report bug button not working: fixed for next release. Sorry about that! It's actually the Unity bug report alpha, so the reports go to my unity developer account. They are anonymous though, and not editable. Maybe unity will add more support for that in the future but it's kinda out of my hands.
  • Errors involving not finishing tasks: I will add a copy-paste button to the error log so you can paste those logs for me here in the future. I'm not quite sure which not finishing tasks bug you're referring to atm.
  • Have blueprints disappear when you choose not to build a building -- Can you explain more? You mean like have a UI cancel button for when putting down a building (currently it's right click or pressing esc that cancels placement)? Be able to cancel that building after it's placed but before fully built (currently you can click on the building and remove it, but it doesn't give back resources yet)?
  • Villager type bug: What resolution are you playing the game at? I get the feeling this might be a UI text scaling issue ...
  • Supply chest stuff -- I was thinking of age of empires town centers when I first made supply chests ... Obviously this could change to be more like a main building and then chests are what you build to add to that. 
  • Key bindings -- yeah I have been meaning to add something to let the user specify key bindings. Requires UI work so I've been putting it off. Will try to get to it soon.

RE: helping with things

I would love to have some help. I am in the process of putting together a list of art, features, and designs I still need to implement. I'll get back to you when I figure that stuff out. For now, your feedback with every build has been invaluable so you're already helping me a lot.

Thank you! Please give me any feedback if you play the game :)

Hi, I just updated the game with a new Mac build. I think this one should run -- at least it did on my friend's computer. Please let me know if it's working for you. Thank you!

Hello! Thanks so much for supporting the game. It means a lot to me~ <3

  • HP and EXP bar for unit HUD -- yes, I want one too. I have to design one because I don't know where to put it yet.
  • "extra beds and stuff" Yes I would like to add either some kind of furniture placement feature or at least a building upgrade so you can get more furniture/items in a house. I am still trying to find a modeler because until I can get enough furniture assets, it wouldn't have enough content to be worthwhile
  • Moving or removing chests -- yes I would like to allow you to remove a chest once you have more than one. Also, I'm debating whether they should be chests or storage buildings. They're technically buildings so maybe making them little sheds would be better for player expectations (again, I need a modeler to make me a shed, or I'll have to create a makeshift one lol)
  • Unit list scrolls too slowly (fixed in latest build). I need to fix a lot of things with the camera moving when interacting with the UI still -- that is on my todo list.
  • Filtered Job list -- added to my list of things to do
  • Minimap -- Also on my list ^_^
  • Tutorial system -- yeah there's actually supposed to be a story and an intro that teaches you things, but those aren't in yet. They will definitely be there at some point though
  • Shortcut keys -- also on my TODO. I would like to have a way to set them and stuff
  • Campfire sitting at the same place -- lol yeah sorry, I still haven't gotten around to fixing that, or the people getting stuck while walking into each other. I think I'll need to overhaul the router, which will probably result in a bunch of weird bugs. Yay ...
  • Market description -- added to things to fix.
  • Villager type -- I wonder if this is text scaling issue. I'll look into it
  • Units run away -- yes, cats do run away if they've been too hungry or tired for too long. I need to add better UI to show that and also some notification so the player has a chance to react before the cats leave. Sorry it's kind of hard to tell at the moment. 

Thank you again

Hi! Thank you for checking out the game! Sorry it's not working for you :(  I'll try to troubleshoot this ASAP, but I have to get my hands on a Mac first. The game is built with Unity and I don't have Mac at home, so it's just been "fingers-crossed" that the Mac build works so far. Hopefully I can borrow my friend's Mac either tomorrow or Monday and figure it out.

Hello! Thank you for the feedback! I'm working on fixing the bugs you reported for next release.

- About the boar -- it's a temporary asset I purchased so it's model will be replaced when I find an artist who can make me a better one.
- Rotating buildings -- right now, if you press the left and right arrows on the keyboard while placing a building, it will rotate it. I am working on making an actual UI option for that later.
- Cats and jobs -- planning on adding this in a future date
- Minimap -- I want to add one, but I'm not sure what it will actually do yet. What information do people want to see on a minimap?
- Bug for units dying at -1 HP - do you mean they are literally at -1 HP or that they don't immediately die at 0 hp? I'm fixing a case where they don't die immediately at 0hp, but I haven't seen them hit -1 HP (in fact, I have a number clamp for hp update, so if they did literally hit -1 hp that would be good to know).

Thank you again for the feedback! Very helpful!

Thank you so much! I'm working on getting a new update out soon.

oh oops! I will add some notes to the tutorial about recruiting new cats. Thank you!