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Undertale Fan-made Game: Stencyltale | Made by: Filler The Freak

A topic by MetaGamer created Jul 23, 2016 Views: 384 Replies: 3
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(I don't know how to upload an image in html)

http://www.stencyl.com/game/embed/33129 A link to the game because Itch.io will not accept the game despite me trying to upload in .html format, I will try to work this out


Release announcements are for games hosted on itch.io. Please update your topic with the appropriate link. You can check the rules on the top of this page: https://itch.io/board/10022/release-announcements


You can't upload an image to the itch.io community forums. You'll have to host it elsewhere (as a screenshot on your game page for example) and paste just the link here. Press Enter and the editor will auto-embed it.

Also, your game appears to be Flash, not HTML5. Pick the right option under "Kind of project", and upload the .swf. Failing that, make a zip file of both the .swf and a file called "index.html", containing the embed code, and upload the whole thing as a HTML game.

Last but not least, when posting here you might want to write a few words about the game. Is it your first? What will it be about? Did you make the art? So far it looks more like a tech demo. And you really need to work on the grammar/spelling. :)

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Uh... What?

Had to make an account here to talk about this. As I never intended this to actually be on anywhere else.

If you do need proof that I did indeed make this, I can lend the source code used to make it, since it's a game that I've since no longer updated. I've actually been making a real game using the overhauled tech demo as a base:

And personally, I don't remember sharing the game at all for others to post aside from me mentioning it on threads, and going back to KYM threads (where OP said he found it) shows I never gave it out, at least publicly for people to post.

Later builds of the game have been lost over time, sadly. But I don't appreciate the fact this has been reposted on another site without asking, that is, unless you have proof I asked in any way.

Either way, this is a project I  have little interest with nowadays, but it did lead me here, I guess.